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2018 Vol. 9 №2

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On the Semiotic Model of Image



The article is devoted to the development of a fundamental semiotic model of images that is based on the categorical apparatus of Ch. S. Peirce (on the concepts of Firstness, icon, hypoicon and metaphor). The image is proposed to be defined as a complex sign (two-level hypoicon- metaphor), which has a certain “primary” sign as its sign vehicle that represents the object constituted by all the facts (cases of semiosis) that are similar to that primary sign. Three key functions of the image are defined: a) the memory function (the accumulation of semiotic experience inherent in a certain discourse), b) the transfer function (transmission (synchronic and diachronic) of semiotic experience from one discourse to another), c) logonomic function (prescription and enabling of the future of acts of semiosis, similar to a certain exemplary act). The author explores the relationship between the category of image and a number of similar concepts. In particular, the definitions of the category of symbol (by S. S. Averintsev and Yu. M. Lotman), the category of myth (in the interpretation of R. Barthes) and the concept of meme (by R. Dawkins) are analysed and juxtaposed with the notion of image.


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