Baltic accent

Peer review

1. The editorial board of the Baltic accent journal reviews all materials received by the editorial board that correspond to its subject matter. All reviewers are recognised experts on the subject of the reviewed materials and have within the last 3 years publications on the subject of the reviewed article. Reviews are stored in the publishing house and in the editorial office for 5 years.

2. The journal conducts a double-blind peer review of all manuscripts. At least two independent experts are selected by the editors amongst those having previous experience in the subject area. When choosing a reviewer, the editors are guided by the expertise of the reviewer and the absence of professional relationships between the author and the reviewer.

3. The managing editor can change the review period to ensure prompt publication.
4. A review should cover:the suitability of the topic for the journal’s readers;
  • originality of the article;
  • the accuracy and relevance of information;
  • the author’s familiarity with the current state of knowledge;
  • the author’s style and manner;
  • the logical structure of the article;
5. The review procedure is double blind. Authors can access reviews. Confidentiality is broken only if a reviewer reports inaccurate information or falsifications.
6.  If a review suggests corrections and revisions, it is sent to the author with a proposal to either consider them in a revised article or prove their superfluity. A revised article is resubmitted.
7.  An article that is considered unsuitable for publications cannot be resubmitted. Negative reviews are sent to authors via e-mail.
8.  A positive review is not sufficient for publication. The final decision is made by the series’ editorial board.
9. After an article is approved for publication, the author is informed about the expected publication date.
10. Reviews are sent to authors via e-mail.
11. The Editorial Board sends copies of the reviews or a reasoned rejection notes to the authors of the submissions, and undertakes to send the mentioned copies to the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science if requested to do so.

Click here for the sample reviewer form.