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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2015 Issue №3(53)

Kant’s theoretical philosophy
The systemacity of CPR and Kant’s system (I)
Author: Kalinnikov L. A.
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Receptions of Kant’s philosophy
Kant in Nikolai Strakhov’s philosophical research (An experience of epistemological orientation)
Author: Motovnikova E. N., Olkhov P. A.
Article: Download
Is Hermann Cohen a Neo-Kantian?
Author: Belov V. N.
Article: Download
The thinking of nature and the nature of thinking — Cohen on Spinoza
Author: Bertolino L. (translated from the German and introduced by V. N. Belov)
Article: Download
The Philosophy of Vasily Sesemann and Marburg Neo-Kantianism
Author: Czardybon B.
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Research. Archives. Documents
Russian-German philosophical dialogue in the late 19th/the first half of the 20th centuries: Publications of Russian philosophers in the Kant-Studien and Logos journals
Author: Salikov A. N.
Article: Download
Daniela Steila. Scienza e rivoluzione. La recezione dell'empiriocriti¬cis-mo nella cultura russa
Author: Soboleva M.
Article: Download
Hermann Cohen. Briefe an August Stadler. Herausg. von Hartwig Wiedebach. Basel, 2015. 172 S.
Author: Belov V. N.
Article: Download
Tomasz Kupś (opracowanie naukowe): Recepcja filozofii Immanuela Kanta w filo-zofii polskiej w początkach XIX wieku. Toruń: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK, 2014. Część 1. (Biblioteka „Studiów z historii filozofii”)
Author: N. V. Danilkina
Article: Download
A review of the “Marburg school of Neo-Kantianism: The lessons of history” international conference
Author: Akindinova T. A., Belov V. N.
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