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The purpose of science is to transform all that exists into thought
Alexander Herzen

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2016 Issue №2(56)

Editor-in-Chief Leonard Kalinnikov is 80!
Congratulations to Leonard Kalinnikov
Author: H. F. Klemme, S. A. Chernov
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The man of the book
Author: V. A. Konev
Article: Download
Our dispute: On the anniversary of modern Russia’s leading Kant scholar
Author: V. N. Belov
Article: Download
The guide in the world of stars and morals
Author: T. G. Rumyantseva
Article: Download
The equation of Prof Kalinnikov
Author: V. Kh. Gilmanov
Article: Download
About prof. L.A. Kalinnikov as my teacher
Author: A. I. Trotsak
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Kant’s theoretical philosophy
Preface of traslator
Author: A. I. Trotsak
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Some remarks on the concept and function of Kant’s theory of schematism in the Critique of Pure Reason
Author: Caimi M. (translated from the English by A. I. Trotsak, edited by V. O. Belonogova and V. A. Chaly)
Article: Download
The metaphysics of science
Author: Chernov S. A.
Article: Download
Kant’s practical philosophy
Kant’s and Fichte’s ethics as sources of Schopenhauer’s philosophy
Author: Sattar A. S.
Article: Download
Kant’s aesthetic theory in the light of H. G. Gadamer’s hermeneutic project
Author: Tausneva A. S.
Article: Download
Receptions of Kant’s philosophy
Genius as a norm or the Moravian Church in the life and works of A. A. Fet
Author: Kalinnikov L. A.
Article: Download
Paul Natorp’s social pedagogic theory and it’s relevance to modern russian education
Author: Vorobiev M. V.
Article: Download
Albert Schweitzer and Kant. A preface to publication
Author: Gilmanov V. Kh.
Article: Download
Kant’s philosophy of religion: From the Critique of pure reason to the Religion within the boundaries of mere reason. Preface. Part 1.
Author: Schweitzer A. (translated from the German by V. Kh. Gilmanov)
Article: Download
Kant’s philosophy and the foundations of practical philosophy
Author: P. A. Vladimirov
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