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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2012 Issue №1 (39)

Kant’s theoretical philosophy
Kant, neokantians, and phenomenologists of reflection and reduction
Author: Kucherenko A. V.
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The receptions of Kant’s philosophy
“To think of an object and to know an object is… not the same”, or E. T. A. Hoffmann and “Transcendental analytic”
Author: Kalinnikov L. A.
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Russian Neokantianism: history and characteristics of its development
Author: Belov V. N.
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H. Rickert’s notion of value and its interpretation is S. I. Hessen’s philosophy
Author: Zagirniak M. J.
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The problems of social philosophy and philosophy of culture
Kant’s philosophy and foundations of the process of aesthetization in contemporary culture
Author: Nikonova S. B.
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Immanuel Kant during his final years
Author: Wassianski E. A. K. (translation and afterword by A. S. Zilber, edited by I. D. Koptsev)
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Kant’s teaching about reality as understood and evaluated by Hartmann
Author: Ognev A. I. (prepared for publication, foreword by E. A. Butina, edited by N. A. Dmitrieva)
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In the circle of sublime ideas: Alexander Ivanovich Ognev (afterword to publication)
Author: Butina E. A.
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Modern democracy
Author: Hessen S. I. (foreword and translation from Polish by N. V. Danilkina)
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On Kant’s political philosophy. Lectures 11th and 12th
Author: Arendt H. (translated by A. N. Salikov
Article: Download
The right to freedom: Outline of a democratic morality
Author: Honneth A. (A. J. Shachina, S. V. Shachin)
Article: Download
Budelacci O. Kant’s program for peace. Political thinking in the context of practical philosophy
Author: M. Fabjancic (translation from German by A. S. Zilber)
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The all-Russian “Models of reasoning — 5: argumentation, communication, society” research workshop
Author: Kosacheva K.Yu.
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