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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2012 Issue №1(11)

From editorial board
From the Editorial Board
Author: Editorial Board
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Cross-border cooperation
The traditions of Russian and European perception of the state frontier in the conditions of transborder regional cooperation
Author: Kosov Yuri, Vovenda Alexei
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Transborder corporate integration in the Baltic Sea Region
Author: Kuznetsov Alexei
Article: Download
Twin cities: a new form of cross-border cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region?
Author: Anishenko Anatoly, Sergunin Alexander
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International relations
Assessment of the efficiency of Russian response to the implementation of US missile defence deployment concept in Europe
Author: Lyovkin Igor, Shatskaya Valeriya
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The externalisation of migration control in the European Union: first steps towards the external dimension of the space of freedom, security and justice
Author: Ryabov Yuri
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Foreign economic activity of Saint Petersburg, the Leningrad Region, and the Republic of Karelia: problems and opportunities for development
Author: Bazhenov Yuri, Podshuvejt Olga
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Territorial systems
Territorial-political and regional geopolitical systems: correlation of concepts
Author: Yelatskov Alexey
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The transnational territorial transport system of the Baltic Region
Author: Gumenyuk Ivan, Melnik Dmitry
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Regional development
Strategic opportunities for economic development of the Baltic Sea coastal zones and sea industrial and port complexes
Author: Gogoberidze George, Mamaeva Maria
Article: Download
The territorial structure of productive forces of Russian North-West in the 2000—2010s
Author: Martynov Vasily, Sazonova Irina
Article: Download
The assessment of research and technical potential in the framework of the innovative model of development of regional economy
Author: Voloshenko Ksenya, Kolosovsky Andrei, Tikhonova Anna
Article: Download
Rural areas of Eastern Germany: modern challenges
Author: Klüter Helmut, Levchenkov Andrei
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Research of young scientists
Lithuania of the 11th—14th centuries in the works of Russian historians of the 1850—1870s
Author: Megem Maxim, Wakar Marcin
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