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2021 Vol. 12 №3

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A poetic function in an expanding context: title — monoverse — polytext (on the example of Ivan Zhdanov's poetry)



The article analyses the poetic function as a mechanism for the semantic and composi­tional structuring of the text. The research aims to study repetition and parallelism, expand­ing the context from the heading to the minimal text and the textual unity within a poetic book and forming micro- and metacycles with movable boundaries. The material of the re­search is Ivan Zhdanov's monoverses, which were considered both immanently and as part of the book. The main methods of research are semantic, contextual and distributive analysis. The author concludes that the heading, interpreting the text, sets its reference, and the mono­verse is both a self-sufficient text and an aphoristic expression of many other texts in which the keywords forming it are found. They represent a synthetic proposition corresponding to the set of all poetic statements ‘about the same’. The article also examines referential, semantic and compositional metatropes that combine texts into micro- and metacycles.


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