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2017 Vol. 8 №1

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Spiritual Ascension in the Icons and Vitae of Female Martyrs: the Collection of the Rybinsk Museum and Preserve



This article analyses the symbol of light and the motif of acquiring wisdom in the icons and the vitae of saints conveying the spiritual ascension of Saint Paraskevi of Iconium and Saint Juliana of Nicomedia. The common motifs in the two vitae are flagellation (whipping), death by beheading, and the punishment of torturers after the execution of the martyrs. Both vitae correspond to the Passion of the Lord. The vita of Saint Paraskevi of Iconium reveals the symbols of the Passion. It is stressed that the icons of Paraskevi the Great Martyr from the collection of the Rybinsk museum and preserve differs from the copy of the vita included in the 17th-century manuscript held at the museum.


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