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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2011 Issue №1(7)

Author: The editorial board
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International cooperation in ecology and environmental protection
Russian-German research and academic cooperation in the Arctic
Author: Dmitriyev Vasily, Kaledin Nikolai, Kassens Heidemarie, Kakhro Nadezhda, Troyan Vladimir, Fyodorova Irina
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A methodology for research on international cooperation on marine environment protection: application of the Baltic Sea practices to the northern seas
Author: Kharlampyeva Nadezhda
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Research methodology
The problem of biodiversity: the geohistorical approach
Author: Krasnov Yevgeny, Romanchuk Anna
Article: Download
The response of different plant life forms to natural environment changes
Author: Schmidt Svetlana, Schmidt Christian
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The environmental problems of the Baltic Sea basin
The main environmental problems of the Baltic Sea and the ways to solve them
Author: Mosin Oleg
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An assessment of the potential impact of the construction of a deepwater seaport on the hydrological regime of the Vistula lagoon
Author: Sergeeva Larisa
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Anthropogenic transformation of the ecosystem
The basic patterns of the distribution, migration and accumulation of radionuclides in the bottom sediment of the Baltic Sea
Author: Grigoryev Andrey, Vladimirov Maxim
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The characteristics of the biogenic element of the runoff fr om the drainage areas of the Gulf of Finland basin experiencing a lim ited anthropogenic impact
Author: Tretyakov Victor, Seleznev Denis
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The geochemical characteristics of the bottom sediment in the pockmark area of the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland
Author: Ivanova Varvara, Kirievskaya Dubrava, Bolotov Alexander
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The groundwater monitoring in the Novgorod region in the system of regional nature management
Author: Dudin Ivan, Shebesta Alexander
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Socioeconomic aspects of sustainable territorial development
The territorial cohesion as the basis for a balanced territorial policy in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Klimenko Natalia
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The factors affecting the development of the South-eastern Baltic tourism and recreation region
Author: Kropinova Yelena
Article: Download
Opportunities for studying cultural landscapes in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Romanova Yelena
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The role of small and semi-medium-sized towns in solving the problems of regional development
Author: Belova Anna
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Biosphere transformation in the conditions of technogenic development of society
Author: Krasnov Yevgeny
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