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2018 Vol. 9 №2

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The Image of Contemporary Russia n Language and Culture: the Thematic Issue of «Russian Review»



The article is an overview of the thematic issue of the Polish research journal "Russian Review" dedicated to the image of modern Russia in political, media, poetic, marketing and didactic types of discourse. Both national and international research works are taken into consideration. Nowadays researchers become increasingly interested in the category of image. A noticeably stronger position of anthropological, communicative and pragmalinguistic approaches to the analysis of linguistic phenomena and discursive practices has led to an intensive study of the image of state, as well as head of state in various spheres of communication. The image of the country is an intangible resource, which is extremely important not only for the formation of national identity, but also for the position and role of the country in the world and its international policy. The aim of the reviewed issue is to promote exchange ideas among scientists whose research in various scientific disciplines contributes to a deeper understanding of Russia and the formation of its image in national and intercultural communication. The issue provides a multidimensional coverage of various theoretical and practical aspects of the image-making from the perspective of the theory of communication, linguistics, social psychology, discourse studies, cognitive poetics, linguistics and culture studies.


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