Baltic accent

2013 Vol. 4 №3

The intellectual interconnections between Königsberg and the Baltics in the 19th century


This article analyses the Königsberg context of the activities of 18th century enlighteners — Johann Gotthelf Lindner and Jacob Lange — in the Baltics and offers an overview of their linguistic works. On the basis of the hypothesis about the influence of the Königsberg spirit of Enlightenment on the formation of Lindner’s and Lange’s linguistic activities, the author shows that, in the Baltics, the Enlightenment had several modifications differing in forms and objectives. It is demonstrated that, when compiling German-Latvian and Latvian-German dictionaries, both authors target their works at German settlers; however, Lindner’s work is targeted solely at a German-speaking recipient, whereas that of Lange requires that the reader be acquainted with the Latvian language and Latvian peasant lifestyle.

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