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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2012 Issue №4(42)

The philologist and translator of Kant, Ivan Koptsev, celebrates his 70th birthday
Kant's scholar and translator Ivan Semenovich Koptsev - 70 years
Author: Trotsak А. I.
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Editorial staff
Editorial staff
Author: Editorial staff
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Kant’s theoretical philosophy
Author: Chernov S. A.
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The transcendental theory of experience and modern philoso¬phy of science
Author: Katrechko S. L.
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Kant's practical philosophy
Anthropological foundations of John Rawls' political theory
Author: Chaly V. A.
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The interpretation of the ideas of I. Kant’s treatise Perpetual Peace in the modern liberal democratic peace theory
Author: Salikov A. N.
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“Kant’s theory of politics” in “existential liberalism” of Gerhardt
Author: Zilber A. S.
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The receptions of Kant’s philosophy
“The Life and Opinions of Tomcat Murr…” in the light of worldly and metaphysical views of Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann. Part III
Author: Kalinnikov L. A.
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Logic and argumentorics
Kant on the “logical objection” to the ontological argument: fragment R 3706. Part II
Author: Yermolaev V. K.
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Metakritik über den Purismus der reinen Vernunft. Sunt lacrumae rerum o quantum est in rebus inane!
Author: Hamann J. G. (translated from German by V. H. Gilmanov)
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Metacritics vs. critique of pure reason (afterword)
Author: Gilmanov V. H.
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Immanuel Kant in his final years
Author: Wassianski E. A. K.(continuation, translation and foreword by A. S. Zilber and I. D. Koptsev)
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The “S. Hessen (1887—1950) in emigration” round table
Author: V. N. Belov
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The all-Russian „Models of reasoning — 6: theories and technologies of argumentation” research workshop
Author: Pushkarsky A. G., Savchenko A. A.
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