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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2012 Issue №3(41)

About Professor Bryushinkin. Sapere aude
About Professor Bryushinkin. Sapere aude
Author: Editorial Board
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Kant’s theoretical philosophy
Kantian motives in logic and philosophy of science. Idea of Unity of a priory and empirical knowledge
Author: Bazhanov V. A.
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Self-knowledge of Reason as a vital phenomenon in Kant’s transcendental dialectic
Author: Yeum S. J. (translated by A. G. Zhavoronkov)
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The receptions of Kant’s philosophy
«The Life and Opinions of Tomcat Murr…» in light of worldly and metaphysical views of Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann. Part II
Author: Kalinnikov L. A.
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Logic and argumentorics
Kant on «logical objection» to ontological argument: fragment R 3706. Part I
Author: Yermolaev V. K.
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Towards methodology of humanities on the way to reform in logic
Author: Soboleva M. E.
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Seven minor notes. 1788—1791
Author: Kant I. (translated by A. I. Trotsak, edited by I. D. Koptsev)
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Kant’s cryptic notes (Afterword to publication)
Author: Trotsak A.
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Immanuel Kant during his final years
Author: Wassianski E. A. K. (continued; translation by A. S. Zilber, edited by I. D. Koptsev)
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Foundation of morals according to Windelband
Author: Ognev A. I.
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Popova V. S. Dispute over logic in academic philosophy in Saint-Petersburg in early XX century
Author: Pushkarsky A. G.
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International research seminar «Kant’s project of perpetual peace in the context of contemporary politics». Kaliningrad, April 20—22, 2012
Author: Zilber A. S.
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