Differential Geometry of Manifolds

Author Guide

Manuscript Structure and Formatting


Submitted manuscripts should contain:

The title

The recommended length of the title is ≤ 12 words. It must be concise and informative. The title should not contain any formulas.

Abstract (150 words).

The abstract is a summary of an academic text. It should indicate the problem, goals and objectives of research, methods used and the results achieved.

Keywords (5-8 words).

Information about the author: the author's full name, academic degree and affiliation

The body of the article should be structured according to the IMRAD principle: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. If the IMRAD principle cannot be followed for some reason, the article should be structured in accordance with the subthemes covered in it.

The main text should be followed by Conclusion ,Acknowledgements, References and Supporting Materials .

References section should have at least 30 titles, half of which should be published recently (less than 10 years ago). The list of references should contain international publications.

Self-citation should not exceed 10% of all the cited works. Titles should be arranged in the order of appearance in the manuscript.

More detailed information about the author: full name, academic degree, affiliation (university, organisation, department, position, city, country, postal address, e-mail, ORCID );

All information about financial support for the preparation of the manuscript should be given in the Acknowledgements

Formatting requirements

The abstract should not contain formulas, references to formulas and literature. The recommended length of the abstract is about 150 words. The recommended length of the manuscript is up to 15 pages of computer set.

The text of the manuscript should be typed in Microsoft Word and formulas - only in Microsoft Equation 3.0 in italics. Schemes and graphics are drawn using Word tools.

Page formatting:


upper - 6.85 cm,

lower - 6.85 cm,

left - 5.25 cm,

right - 5.25 cm;

font: Times New Roman, size 11 (for both text and formulas);

line spacing: single space

Article layout