Differential Geometry of Manifolds

About the journal

The journal "Differential Geometry of Manifolds" (ISSN: 0321-4796) is published by the Geometry Centre of the Institute of Physics and Mathematics, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad, Russia).

The journal publishes peer-reviewed research covering the following areas: geometry of manifolds, connections in fibered spaces, spaces of affine and projective connections, methods of studying immersed manifolds, manifolds with a complex or almost complex structure, elementary geometry, trigonometry and polygonometry, the geometry of differential equations, etc.

The journal "Differential Geometry of Manifolds" is included in Referativnyi zhurnal VINITI and the international databases zbMATH and MathSciNet and the renewed list of VAK journals (Russia).

Each article has a doi.

The Editorial Council and Editorial Board of the journal include representatives of Russian and international research centres. Experts, including leading academics from many countries, have been publishing their manuscripts in the journal.

The readership of the journal comprises specialists in differential geometry, academia, doctoral and post-graduates students.

Research areas of the journal :

  • Geometry of differentiable manifolds and their submanifolds;
  • Connections in fibered spaces;
  • Classical spaces with connections and their generalizations;
  • Spaces of affine connection;
  • Spaces of projective connection;
  • Differential-geometric methods for studying immersed manifolds;
  • Geometry in spaces with other fundamental groups;
  • Differential geometry in spaces with fundamental groups;
  • Manifolds with a complex or almost complex structure;
  • Elementary geometry, trigonometry and polygonometry;
  • The geometry of differential equations;
  • Computer geometry.

The journal publishes original research papers which have not been published earlier.By submitting a paper to the journal the authors take upon themselves the obligation not to publish it in full or in part in any other media without the consent of the Editorial board.

Publication fees

Publication in this journal is totally FREE (No Article submission charges nor article processing charges and no publication fees), as one of the main goals of the journal is to provide global researchers with a free publishing platform.

Copyright information

Authors of the Differential Geometry of Manifolds journal hold the copyright without any restrictions. When republishing an article, all authors are to provide a link to the issue of the Differential Geometry of Manifolds journal where the article was originally published.  

The Differential Geometry of Manifolds journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


"Differential Geometry of Manifolds" is an open access journal. Authors are not required to pay a fee to publish an article in the journal. All articles published in the Differential Geometry of Manifolds journal have undergone peer review and upon acceptance are immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.

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Anti-Plagiarism Policy            

The journal has an anti-plagiarism policy.  All submitted articles are checked for plagiarism.