Differential Geometry of Manifolds

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On some extension of the second order tangent space for a smooth manifold



This paper relates to differential geometry, and the research technique is based on G. F. Laptev’s method of extensions and envelopments, which generalizes E. Cartan’s method of moving frame and exterior forms. We consider a smooth m-dimensional manifold, its tangent and cotangent spaces, as well as the second-order frames and coframes on this manifold.

Using the perturbation of the exterior derivative and ordinary diffe­ren­tial, mappings are introduced that enable us to construct non-sym­met­rical second-order frames and coframes on a smooth manifold. It is shown that the extension of the second order tangent space to a smooth m-dimen­sional manifold is carried out by adding the vertical vectors to the linear frame bundle over the manifold to the second order tangent vectors to this manifold.

A deformed external differential is widely used, which is a differen­tial, i. e., its reapplication vanishes. We introduce a deformed external dif­ferential being a differential along the curves on the manifold, i. e., its re­peated application along the curves on the manifold gives zero.


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