Differential Geometry of Manifolds

2022 №53

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Generalized bilinear connection on the space of centered planes



We continue to study the space of centered planes in projective space . In this paper, we use E. Cartan's method of external forms and the group-theoretical method of G. F. Laptev to study the space of centered planes of the same dimension. These methods are successfully applied in physics.

In a generalized bundle, a bilinear connection associated with a space is given. The connection object contains two simplest subtensors and subquasi-tensors (four simplest and three simple subquasi-tensors). The object field of this connection defines the objects of torsion, curvature-torsion, and curvature. The curvature tensor contains six simplest and four simple subtensors, and curvature-torsion tensor contains three simplest and two simple subtensors.

The canonical case of a generalized bilinear connection is considered.


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