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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2015 Issue №4(26)

Motivations of Russian firms to invest abroad: how do sanctions affect Russia’s outward foreign direct investment?
Author: Liuhto K.
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The Baltic economic model: some results of the 1990—2015 transformations
Author: Mezhevich N.
Article: Download
On crisis trends in the legitimacy of the political regimes of the Baltic States
Author: Smirnov V.
Article: Download
Legal aspects of the EU policy on irregular immigration
Author: Voinikov V.
Article: Download
The concept of the European Union’s normative power
Author: Savorskaya E.
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A ‘divided history’: the politics of memory on the territory of the former East Prussia in the light of current discussions
Author: Dementyev I.
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Human geography
Socioeconomic typology of Russia’s coastal regions
Author: Fedorov G., Korneevets V.
Article: Download
Local border traffic and the development of retail trade in the Kaliningrad region and Polish borderlands
Author: Bolychev O., Gumenyuk I., Kuznetsova T.
Article: Download
Lutheranism in Finland: past and present
Author: Balabeykina O., Martynov V.
Article: Download
Assessing spatial and temporal changes in the landscape vulnerability in the Kaliningrad region as an element of sustainable spatial planning
Author: Kesoretskikh I., Zotov S., Drobiz M.
Article: Download
The effect of railway network evolution on the Kaliningrad region’s landscape environment
Author: Romanova E., Vinogradova O., Kretinin G., Drobiz M.
Article: Download