Kantian Journal

2021 Vol. 40. №2

Breakthrough in Chinese Kant Scholarship. Interview with Prof. Deng Xiaomang


Prof. Deng Xiaomang’s translations of the Critique of the Power of Judgment (2002), the Critique of Practical Reason (2003), and the Critique of Pure Reason (2004), were the first Chinese editions of Kant’s three Critiques translated in their entirety from the German originals. This interview tracks his scholarship, placing it within the broader scope of historical and contemporary Kant scholarship in China. Among the topics addressed, the reception of Kantian philosophy among the so called “New Confucians”, as well as the utility of Kantian thought as a tool for the reformation of traditional Confucian culture, are given considerable attention. Professor Deng also shares some thoughts on the process of translating classical German philosophical texts into Chinese and provides an overview of his scholarship as a translator and thinker.

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