Kantian Journal

2021 Vol. 40. №2

The Knight of Contemporary Russian Kantiana. On the 85th Birthday of Leonard Kalinnikov


This is a review of the main research achievements of Professor L. A. Kalinnikov presented in his articles and monographs. The theoretical issues of Kantianism considered in Kalinnikov’s works include the problem of cognisability of “the thing in itself” and noumenal affection, the character of systematicity in Kant’s philosophy and the methodology of its interpretation. Cycles of articles are devoted to the reception of Kant’s ideas in the philosophical and poetic work of V. S. Solovyov, Kant’s impact on A. S. Pushkin, A. A. Fet, and E. T. A. Hoffmann. These topics are elaborated in the monographs Immanuel Kant in Russian Poetry (2008), E. T. A. Hoffmann and I. Kant (2012), The Philosophical and Poetic Worldview of A. A. Fet: the Impact of I. Kant and A. Schopenhauer (2016), Pushkin and Kant. The Poet and Philosophy (2018), The Philosophical System of Kant. Conception and Outcomes (2021). L. A. Kalinnikov’s works form an impressive and original part of contemporary Russian Kantiana.

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