Kantian Journal

2015 Issue №3(53)

Russian-German philosophical dialogue in the late 19th/the first half of the 20th centuries: Publications of Russian philosophers in the Kant-Studien and Logos journals


This article presents an overview of Russian philosophers’ publications in German periodicals of the late 19th/early 20th centuries. At the time, Germany boasted a significant number of journals dedicated to philosophy or addressing philosophical problems. Even in the first approximation, there are several dozen journals featuring either texts by Russian scientists or works dedicated to Russian philosophy. Of special importance are two journals with the most pronounced presence of Russian authors, namely, Kant-Studien and Logos. Both journals have a strong Neo-Kantian spirit — many of their publishers and authors were advocates of this movement. In general, the Russia-related materials published in Kant-Studien and Logos demonstrate a strong Russian presence in these periodicals. Therefore, it is possible to speak of an — although not decisive — but tangible influence of Russian thought on the philosophy of the German-language space. This influ¬ence is accounted for by the phenomenon that would be later called the ‘Silver age of Russian phi¬losophy’ and the phenomenon of Russian philosophy abroad — a product of the wars and revolu¬tions in Russia and a result of the exodus of Russian philosophers to the West, where Germany was one of their first safe havens.

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