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2012 Issue №2(40)

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Kant's theoretical philosophy

The concept of body and the problem of demarcation in new European metaphysics: from Descartes to Kant


The origin of science and the demarcation between science and metaphysics are the main features of early modern period. This demarcation faces a particular problem with conceptualisation of body, which can be considered both as just physical body and as closely bound up with spirit. Different ways of explaining the interaction between mind and body form the complex tradition, which significantly influenced Kant’s precritical writings. Limitation of the crucial distinction between these two substances to the empirical sphere and the view on soul and body as homogeneous phenomena are the main peculiarities of Kant's position.

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The receptions of Kant's philosophy

«The Life and Opinions of Tomcat Murr…» in light of worldly and metaphysical views of Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann. Part I


The paper attempts to demostrate that E. T. A. Hoffmann’s novel «The Life and opinions of Tomcat Murr…» has build in accordance with the classification of anthropological types in Kant’s work «Die Religion innerhalb der Grenzen der bloßen Vernunft».

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