Differential Geometry of Manifolds

2023 №54(1)

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The head of the Kaliningrad geometric school Vladislav Stepanovich Malakhovsky



The article presents a very brief biography of a corresponding mem­ber of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Honorary Doctor of Sciences of the I. Kant Baltic Federal University, professor-consultant of the Institute of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Information Technologies of I. Kant BFU. The information about the scientific and pedagogical work of the scientist for 68 years is given. The article analyzes the active life position of Vladislav Stepanovich Malakhovsky during his years of study at school, at Tomsk University, as well as during his work at Tomsk University and the I. Kant Baltic Federal University up to December 14, 2022. Links are given to individual articles in which Vladislav Stepanovich's activities in all areas are described in more detail, including the content of recent pub­lications on number theory.


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