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2021 Issue №2

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Treatment of peptic ul­cer of gastroenteroanastomosis complicated by ongoing bleeding. Practical ob­servation



The article describes a clinical case of surgical treatment of postgastrore­section syndrome, represented by a peptic ulcer of gastroenteroanastomosis, ulcerative bleeding and a shortened (insufficient length) adductor loop. Com­plications wereseen to have resulted from insufficient volume of gastric resec­tion, while a small length of the adductor loop created certain difficulties for reconstructive surgery. We performed an adequate resection of the organ stump and found a solution to the problem associated with the insufficient size of the adductor loop by reconstructing the inter-intestinal anastomoses. The applied technique made it possible to avoid post-surgery complications. The control examination for a period of more than a year showed the absence of a relapse of the disease, the restoration of normal nutrition and normal in­dicators of the physical methods of patient examination.