The Baltic Region

2020 Vol. 12 №1

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Managerial competencies required: a comparative analysis of Moscow and the Kaliningrad region



In a post-industrial society, social processes are dynamic, complex, and diverse. Social interaction management is turning into a competency in its own right. This competency is shaped by many factors, which are affected by the institutional setup as well as the individual features and localisation of the subject and object of management. Investigating and developing the managerial competencies that are necessary for the successful operation of society is a major trend in contemporary science. Studies in the area require an interdisciplinary approach. The aim of this research is to identify the managerial competencies that are crucial for the adequate and stable functioning of regional administration systems. An analysis of the components of managerial competencies and their factors is carried out to identify their status in the centre of an exclave region (Kaliningrad) and in Moscow. The study draws on the authors’ frame-based methodology (Rospatent No. 2012660535), which makes it possible to obtain objective empirical information on competency factors and their types. Sought-after competencies and their indicative structures were identified for each region. The findings are not only of theoretical importance but are well adapted for practical purposes, particularly, for advanced training of managers and teaching related university disciplines.