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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2011 Issue №10

Theoretical Computer Science
Formal languages and automata VII: Formal tree series (Part I)
Author: Aleshnikov S., Boltnev Yu., Ésik Z., Ishanov S., Kuich W.
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Mathematical Modeling
Effects of multidimensionality in theoretical models of middle-latitude F-region of ionosphere
Author: Ishanov S., Klevtsur S., Latyshev K.
Article: Download
Computer simulation of synthesis processes in NiO—Al system
Author: Kolmakova T., Dmitrieva M., Leitsin V.
Article: Download
Mathematical modeling of a injury of a backbone
Author: Orlov S.
Article: Download
Results of simulating of instabilities of the equatorial F-layer of the ionosphere
Author: Matsievsky S., Zinin L.
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Some characteristics of functioning of the ecosystem “predator-victim” on the basis of the data of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Stukalin D.
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Multiple-factor mathematical models of heterogeneous metasystems
Author: Igropulo V.
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Algorithms and Computing Methods
Numerical solution of the Schrödinger equations with polynomial potentials (Part II)
Author: Kvitko G., Kuzin E., Shott D.
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Set of algorithms for constructing university timetable — part 2: Data presentation structure and algorithm for building a base solution
Author: Bezginov A., Tregubov S.
Article: Download
A variant of multi-grid method with semi-coarse
Author: Belyakova O.
Article: Download
Units of degree of fields
Author: Shurygin V.
Article: Download
The reconstruction of the measured qubit under the unsharp measure-ments
Author: Ivanov A., Ivanov A.
Article: Download
The features of work of the vibrator aerial in the running wave mode
Author: Afanasiev M., Shpilevoy A., Popov A.
Article: Download
About radio station with reverse connect in duplex regime
Author: Lukjanov Yu., Ponimatkin V., Shpilevoy A.
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Other papers
Subsets of prime numbers in the generalized arithmetical progressions
Author: Malakhovsky V.
Article: Download
Graphs and systems. Realization of abstraction
Author: Glazunov Yu.
Article: Download
Virtual devices as means of the organization of interdisciplinary communications
Author: Nesterova Zh., Nikitin M., Fedotov V.
Article: Download
Study of the configuration of the core of the magnetization source of magnetic systems of electric propulsion
Author: Gopanchuk V., Mitrofanova O., Potapenko M.
Article: Download
Client-side performance issues for web resources
Author: Matsievsky N.
Article: Download
Analysis of frequency of usage of instructions and address modes in software for intel architecture
Author: Kopytov G.
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