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My faith is the belief that happiness will be given to humanity by scientific progress
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2011 Issue №11

Theoretical aspects of education
Exploration and development of classical pedagogical heritage: on the problem of terminology (on the basis of A. S. Makarenko's oeuvre)
Author: Ilaltdinova Ye.
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Actualisation of value priorities of Russian cosmism in the context of pedagogical thought evolution
Author: Perekusikhina N.
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Indicators of higher education quality in the context of consumption values
Author: Golyshev I.
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Tolerance as a perpetual value
Author: Lopukhova Yu.
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Conditions for students' effective research and pedagogical activity at university
Author: Shalova S.
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Psychological and pedagogical studies
Structure and dynamics of need reduction: a mathematical model
Author: Glazunov Yu.
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A comparative analysis of the development of intercultural sensitivity in university students under the conditions of multicultural environment
Author: Logashenko Yu.
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Education as a subject of philosophical reflection in the oeuvre of Russian thinkers of the late 19th century — early 20th centuries
Author: Danilkina N.
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Historical and conceptual foundations of the development of psychoeducation in medical practice
Author: Serykh A., Ivanova A.
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Healthy lifestyle behaviour of students: problem areas
Author: Alimpiyeva A., Prasova Ye.
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Concepts of social support: positive and negative effects of social relations in the context of subjective well-being of a human being
Author: Lifintsev D., Lifintseva A. .
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Behaviour formation: practical application of behaviourism ideas
Author: Toropov P.
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Professional training of the expert
Some problems of ecological education of students of military higher education institutions and possible ways to solve them
Author: Pastukhova L.
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Competence approach to professional training of master students at technical universities
Author: Kostyleva I., Mukhelkevich V.
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Physical culture and health-proving technologies
Social adaptation of HIV positive teenagers by means of physical culture
Author: Pelmenev V., Nikitin N., Nikitina A. Никитина А. С.
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Pedagogical and psychophysiological aspects of apparatus handling in rhythmic gymnastics
Author: Zaitsev A., Rozhkov L.
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The essence and content of students' individual work in the conditions of a university
Author: Tomashevskaya O., Malinkovskaya N.
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Special features of morphofunctional indicators of students of primary schools of the city of Gomel
Author: Osipenko Ye.
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Special features of individual physical training of service members
Author: Kuznetsov I., Tyndyk V., Shershnev V.
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Organisation of a sports and health-improving club for the disabled as a factor of activating mass physical culture and sports activity
Author: Makhov A.
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Research of young scientists
Patterns and principles of formation a cognitive self-appraisal in primary school students
Author: Larina A.
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Specific features and content of innovative activities of social work specialists
Author: Maksimenko Ye.
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The development of education management system in Russia and synergy
Author: Temryukova S.
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System of exercises for teaching clothes vocabulary to international students
Author: Semenistaya M.
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Development of a new typology of communicative barriers in modern pedagogy
Author: Chmutova Yu.
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The role of mass media and PR in social work
Author: Aleksandrov A.
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Learning and research culture of students of rural schools in the History of Western Russia classes
Author: Sapunov A.
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