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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2009 Issue №12

History of Russia
The Emergence in the First Quarter of the XIX-th Century of the Russian Conservative Nationalism
Author: Minakov A. Ju.
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Organisation and Activity of Police in border areas of North-Western Russia under Reconstruction of Soviet Society
Author: Matveev S.
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Post-war Repatriation of the Japanese from Southern Sakhalin
Author: Kim I.
Article: Download
Anniversary of Faculty of History
Author: Galtsov V.
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International History
Harry S. Truman and Racial Segregation Problem in USA in Second Half of the 1940s
Author: Zolov A.
Article: Download
Formation of American Foreign Policy towards Poland before and in First Years of Cold War
Author: Chernyshev E.
Article: Download
German-German Relations and Credit Policy of Federal Republic of Germany in 1982-1985
Author: Kirilenko A.
Article: Download
Lithuania in Context of Eurointegration Processes: from Luxembourg to Helsinki
Author: Batorshina I.
Article: Download
Regional History
Chronology Problem of Corded Ware Culture Artefacts in South-Eastern Baltic Region
Author: Salzman E.
Article: Download
Teutonic Order in French Historiography
Author: Dementyev I.
Article: Download
Seaside Resorts of East Prussia through Lenses of Photogra¬phers from End of 19th Century to Beginning of World War II
Author: Kurilo O.
Article: Download
Polish National Minority in East Prussia in Context of German-Polish Relations (1918-1939)
Author: Stroganova N.
Article: Download
Structure of Production and Management of Agricul¬tural and Industrial Sector of Kaliningrad Region in Historical Evolution (1945-1993)
Author: Gergel O., Polkh P.
Article: Download
Methodological Problems of Humanities Research
Methodological Potential of the Concept «Military Culture of Society» in Historical and Political Studies
Author: Grebenkov V.
Article: Download
Do Historians Need Categories of State Cordiality and Incurable Wounds?
Author: Kuznetsov A.
Article: Download
In memoriam
Yakov Pichkurenko
Author: Gordeev I.
Article: Download
Research Activity
XVIII United Congress of Polish Historians
Author: Galtsov V.
Article: Download
"Between the Vistula and the Neman": Russian-Polish Research Worksop in Kaliningrad
Author: Sergeev V.
Article: Download
"Resorts of the Baltic coast: Past, Present and Future" International Conference
Author: Kostyashov Y.
Article: Download
Krivosheev Y., Sokolov R. Alexander Nevski. Epoch and Memory: Historical Sketches
Author: A. Yartsev
Article: Download
Yartsev A. Senate and Zemstvo: Administrative Justice and Local Mu-nicipalities in Pre-revolutionary Russia
Author: I. Chernikov
Article: Download
Intellectuals in Multinational Empire: Russians, Germans, Latvians. 19th — beginning of 20th century
Author: V. Maslov
Article: Download
USSR and Lithuania in World War II
Author: M. Mankevich
Article: Download
Book of Condolence for Victims of Political Repressions: Kaliningrad region
Author: I. Dementyev
Article: Download
Russia — EU Relations
Author: A. Klemeshev
Article: Download