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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2009 Issue №08

Author: Редколлегия
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Language — Speech — Text
Reported Speech in Slavic Hagiography of 'Pletenije Sloves' Literary Style: Pleonastic Structures with Elements of Direct Speech
Author: V. Petrova
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‘Impersonality’ Category Expression in Russian, Polish and Bulgarian Poetry: Semantic and Grammatical Typology
Author: A. Scherbakov
Article: Download
Field Arrangement of Toponymic Lexemes in Regional Language
Author: D. Ilyin.
Article: Download
'Indifference' Verbal Reflexes in Contemporary Russian Language
Author: T. Shkapenko
Article: Download
Intertextuality in Oeuvre of Yuri Buida: Interaction of Pretexts and their Speech Markers in “The Red Dining-Room” Short Story
Author: Ye. Kopyrina
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Synchronic and Diachronic Language Modality
Modal Potential of Old Russian Lexemes Naming Intellectual Characteristics
Author: I. Fyodorova
Article: Download
Evaluation and Modality: Interaction of Meanings in Old Russian Texts (Literary Slavic texts of the 14th — 15th Centuries)
Author: Ye. Kapre
Article: Download
Role of Tolerance Zones in Functional Modality Field and Development of Author's Verbal Image (on the Basis of Anna Akhmatova's Poems)
Author: Ye. Kukrusova
Article: Download
Latent Evaluation in Infinitive Writing
Author: A. Chernyakov
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Literary Canon: Some Aspects of Study
«Cultivate Your Garden»: Natural Existence Utopia of Enlightenment Man in Park and Garden Landscapes (on the Example of “Life and Adventures” by Andrei Bolotov)
Author: Ye. Prikazchikova
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Idea of Home in Alexander Pushkin's “Eugene Onegin”
Author: N. Zhilina
Article: Download
Romantic Mythologisation in “New Poems” by Rainer Maria Rilke
Author: Yu. Lileyev
Article: Download
Fruit and Mirror: on Intersection of Images in Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke and Boris Pasternak
Author: D. Malevanaya-Mitardzhan
Article: Download
Jerzy Andrzejewski's “The Inquisitors” and Dostoyevsky's “The Grand Inquisitor”: Temptation as Existential Problem
Author: L. Maltsev
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Faces and Icons (on Vladimir Soloukhin's “The Black Boards”)
Author: L. Dorofeyeva
Article: Download
Literary Alternatives
Utopian Aspects of Vladimir Sharov's “Become Like Children”
Author: N. Likhina
Article: Download
Picaresque motifs in Thomas Brussig's “Heroes Like Us”
Author: M. Potyomina
Article: Download
Poland in “The Ballad about Eternal Flame” by Alexander Galich
Author: S. Sviridov
Article: Download
Female Characters in German Rock Poetry
Author: J. Pilute
Article: Download
Mass Media: History and Language
Russian Television of Post-Soviet Era: Patterns of Transformation
Author: A. Samstyko
Article: Download
Syntax of Advertising
Author: Yu. Storozhuk
Article: Download