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2009 Issue №07

Author: Dedkov V.
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Ecology and Nature Protection
Important Staging Sites of Geese and Swans in the Cross-Border Wetland Complex of the Neman Delta
Author: Grishanov G., Švažas S., Žalakevičius M., Lysaynsky I.
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Some Biotic Reactions to Climate Change in the Forest Landscape of the Caspian-Baltic Watershed
Author: I Istomin A.
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Seasonal Larva Number Dynamics and Settlement of Juvenile Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha Pallas) in the Prybrezhny Quarry (the Kaliningrad region)
Author: Guseva D.
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Ontogenetic Dynamics of Hydrocortisone Quantitative Content of the Common Octopus Octopus vulgaris, Lamark (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae)
Author: Kudikina N.
Article: Download
Glycerol Biotransformation by Nonproliferating Cells of Gluconobacter oxydans
Author: Kustova N., Choupakhina N.
Article: Download
Cytogenetic Structure of Chironomus balatonicus Devai et al. Population in the Vistula Lagoon of the Baltic Sea
Author: Markiyanova M.
Article: Download
Modelling of Age Dynamics of the Black Saxaul General Wood Pulp (Haloxylon aphyllum (Minkw.) Iljin) Adjusted for the Planned Density of Growing Stock
Author: Khlustov V., Bedareva O.
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Abiotic Factors Defining Plant Antioxidant Pool
Author: Tchoupakhina G.
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Biological Resources and their Use
Ontogenesis of Dracocephalum nutans L. and Dracocephalum grandiflorum L. in the Alma-Ata region
Author: Parshina G.
Article: Download
Estimation of Perspective Cultivar Samples of Medicago Varia
Author: Troyan Т., Bedareva O.
Article: Download
Soil Biology
Topical Problems of Soil Microflora Study in Kaliningrad
Author: Dedkov V., Kurkina M.
Article: Download
On Characteristic of Soils in Kaliningrad Parks
Author: Antsiferova O., Murachyova L.
Article: Download
New Data on Some Microorganism Groups in Kaliningrad Soils
Author: Kurkina M., Dedkov V.,Klimova N., Lukina A., Krupnova M., Kusainova G.
Article: Download
Ecological Series of Soils in the Deyma basin
Author: Umansky A.
Article: Download
Author: Редакционная коллегия
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