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My faith is the belief that happiness will be given to humanity by scientific progress
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2009 Issue №05

Theoretical aspects of education
Professional conflict as an object of pedagogical research
Author: Samsonova N., Sadovskaya T.
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Application of competence based learning approach in the framework of federal education projects
Author: Smirnov A.
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Non-professional physical training. Factors of students’ sports thesaurus formation
Author: Nikitina A.
Article: Download
Personality health of a professional
Author: Sokolskaya M.
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Psychological and pedagogic research
Psychomotor development as the main aspect of psychological and pedagogic support of primary school children
Author: Vachkov I., Vorobyova E., Nikitina V.
Article: Download
Psychological problems of "common-law marriage"
Author: Rean A., Andreeva T.
Article: Download
On integration of psychological theories of creative thinking
Author: Chernetskaya N.
Article: Download
Self space: theoretical model and diagnosing
Author: Kopteva N.
Article: Download
Problems of children's lie-telling in mental development of a child
Author: Babadzhanova-Pavlova A.
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Professional training
Information function of professional training system
Author: Andreeva N.
Article: Download
Principles of executive risk culture development
Author: Minkova E.
Article: Download
Universality of foreign language and culture specialists in relation to a new resultative quality of professional education of linguists
Author: Budarina A.
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Interpretation of musical pedagogic processes as artistic and creative activity of a teacher-musician
Author: Rumyantseva Z.
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Education and health
Scientific base of ecological and valeological education in context of health-oriented pedagogic paradigm
Author: Madzhuga A.
Article: Download
Development of anti-drug attitude of technology students
Author: Bagulina V., Zaitsev A.
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Scientific research of young scientists
Individual and typological features of female convicts
Author: Kasterina N.
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“Ancient history” course as basis for acquisition of basic cultural, historic, moral and spiritual traditions of one’s country
Author: Korotkikh S.
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On question of formation primary school children’s aesthetic culture
Author: Klimova D.
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