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The real and legitimate goal of the sciences is the endowment of human life with new inventions and riches
Francis Bacon

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2009 Issue №02

Author: Редакционная коллегия
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Cognitive and communicative aspects of philological research
Propositional nominant as a special type of a language sign
Author: Krutchinkina N. D.
Article: Download
Dynamics of syntactic sense realisation and conceptual shifts at the periphery of syntactic fields
Author: Salkova J. A.
Article: Download
Modality, intention and intentionality
Author: Soskina S. N., Khorolskaya E. S.
Article: Download
Functioning of coordinating conjunctions at the interphrasal level
Author: Bondarenko I. V.
Article: Download
Temporal category of ‘the everyday’ (axiological aspect)
Author: Konnova M. N.
Article: Download
Cognitive-semantic modelling of the metaphoric choice devices
Author: Pankratova S. A.
Article: Download
The ‘border’ concept in ‘Das Provisorium’ by W. Hilbig
Author: Potemina M. S.
Article: Download
Specificity of subject-object interactions in novelized biography
Author: Bobkova Yu. Z.
Article: Download
Praesens and its role in the linguistic structuring of the spacio-temporal continuum of fictional texts
Author: Zhukova S. A.
Article: Download
Pronominal address in Swedish and English
Author: Linevitch N. Yu.
Article: Download
Occasional words as persuasive markers of the ‘Fun-/Erlebnis-/Spaßgesellschaft’ discourse
Author: Noskova D. A.
Article: Download
Specific features of the diarist-writer’s world view verbalisation
Author: Peteshova O. V.
Article: Download
Theory and practice of language training at the university
Modular principle of teaching the students of the non-lingual university foreign business communication
Author: Alekseyeva T. D.
Article: Download
Theoretic and methodological background of projecting pedagogical technologies into the framework of the linguist training curricula
Author: Budarina A. O.
Article: Download
Reforming the modern system of higher education in Russia
Author: Bolotina M. A., Mazanova S. Ye.
Article: Download
Foreign language competence in the aspect of inderdisciplinarity
Author: Potemina T. A.
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Международный конгресс по когнитивной лингвистике института языкознания РАН и ТГУ
Author: Салькова Д. А.
Article: Download
Новые подходы к преподаванию перевода в вузе
Author: Боярская Е. Л.
Article: Download
Семинар по письменной практике в США
Author: Громова И. А., Желонкина Т. П.
Article: Download
Конновой М. Н. Введение в когнитивную лингвистику: учебное пособие. — Калининград: Изд-во РГУ им. И. Канта, 2008. — 302 с.
Author: Липилина Л. А.
Article: Download