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2009 Issue №1

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The role of endogenous factor in increase of ocean level for the last 140 years



The article examines the structure and dynamics of the World Ocean level during the past 140 years. The role of endogenous factor
in constant increase of water supply and subsequent rise of the sea level is defined as dominating. Two principle cycles in the sea level fluctuations were distinguished: a high-amplitude short-term cycle (2—3 years) and a low-amplitude long-term one (40—50 years). The concurrency of two events is traced: short-term cycles and major earthquakes in oceanic regions. It was shown that it is possible to estimate the area and amplitude of the seafloor submergence in the epicenter in relation to changes in water volume. Short-term cycles of sea level fluctuations usually coincide with changes in surface layer temperatures in middle latitudes, which could be regarded as a precursor of anomalous climatic conditions in the Northern hemisphere.


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