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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2010 Issue №11

Theoretical aspects of education
The development of international contact culture as a value aspect of educational reality
Author: Bulynin A. M., Bragina A. D.
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The conceptual framework of teaching primary school children conflict resolution in the countries of European Union
Author: Samsonova N. V., Yegorov A. V.
Article: Download
Modern trends in preschool education
Author: Antonov A. A.
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Psychological and educational research
The psychological defensive behavior strategies of teachers with different burnout levels
Author: Baranov A. A., Merzlyakova D. R., Kuzyaeva Yu. M.
Article: Download
The psychological aspects of treating patients with chronic toxic and dysmetabolic polyneuropathies
Author: Barsukov I. N.
Article: Download
The development of emotional culture in primary school children
Author: Romanova O. M.
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The phased elements of the motivation process as a theoretical framework for the determination of students’ professional motivation ation
Author: Zaitseva O. I.
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Professional training
The planning of effective professional performance of a psychologist at preschool educational institutions
Author: Masyagin V. P., Nazarenko V. L.
Article: Download
The development of the grammaticon of a multicultural language personality
Author: Strelkova S. Yu.
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Modern educational technologies in the development of cognitive independence of technical and humanities students
Author: Kochanovskaya Ye. V., Zhadobko Ye. B.
Article: Download
Professional universality of linguists: providing a rationale of the concept
Author: Budarina A. O.
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The role and potential of computer-aided teaching systems in the foreign language training of the students of EMERCOM education institutions
Author: Mogilnichenko S. V.
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Sports technologies and training
The muscle activity biofeedback in the training of Greco-Roman wrestlers
Author: Gondareva L. N., Valtsev V. V., Gorbachev D. V.
Article: Download
The improvement of risk group students’ personal development in the course of specific motor activities
Author: Burov A. E.
Article: Download
Information and need-related components of the development of motivation for adaptive sports in the disabled
Author: Makhov A. S.
Article: Download
The fundamentals of the concept of application of humanities techniques in the field of physical training
Author: Mitin A. Ye.
Article: Download
The development of the components of theoretical and value forming modules of aesthetic culture in primary school children in physical training classes
Author: Semeniv D. A.
Article: Download
The concept of developing professional successfulness in students with health problems in physical training classes
Author: Matukhno Ye. V.
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Research of young scientists
On the dynamics of mathematical information forms in training of air navigation students on
Author: Butuzova Ye. A.
Article: Download
The development of the professional competence axiological component in the students of technical university
Author: Gromov R. A.
Article: Download
The structure and functions of cognitive self-esteem of primary school children
Author: Larina A. B.
Article: Download
The organisation of physical training process for the humanities students of IKSUR by means of swimming
Author: Pokrovskaya N. V.
Article: Download
The development of personal information safety of schoolchildren
Author: Serebryanik Ye. E.
Article: Download
Organisational and administrative preconditions for the development of the pedagogic competence of the agents of higher physical education
Author: Kosyachenko G. P.
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