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Ivan P. Pavlov

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2010 Issue №07

Author: V. P. Dedkov
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Biodiversity and nature conservation
The system of conservation areas as the basis for biodiversity preservation in the south-eastern Baltic
Author: Dedkov V. P., Grishanov G. V.
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The revision of avifauna in the south-eastern Baltic (within the borders of the Kaliningrad region)
Author: Grishanov G.
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The eco-geochemical assessment of the zone of dumped waste from the Tuvacobalt industrial complex in the Republic of Tuva
Author: Andreichik М. F.
Article: Download
The ethological ideas of Konrad Lorentz and research on mammal ecology by means of footprint tracking
Author: Vladimirova E. D.
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The impact of environmental factors on the distribution of Macoma balthica (Linnaeus 1758) and Mytilus edulis (Linnaeus 1758) in the southeastern part of the Baltic Sea
Author: Gusev A. A.
Article: Download
The bioindication of heavy metal precipitation in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Korolyova Yu. V.
Article: Download
The geoecological factors of biodiversity in marine invertebrates
Author: Krasnov Ye., Romanchuk A.
Article: Download
The response of free living hydrobionts to biologically active substances of natural and anthropogenic origin
Author: Nikitina S. M.
Article: Download
The estimation of petrochemical wastewater toxicity
Author: Petrov A. A., Choupakhina N.Yu., Choupakhina G. N.
Article: Download
The population structure and the growth of the bivalve mollusc Ruditapes philippinarum in Amur bay (the Sea of Japan)
Author: Ponurovsky S. K.
Article: Download
The species composition and environmental characteristics of chironomidae (Diptera: Chironomidae) in Kaliningrad water bodies .
Author: Shevchuk T., Vinokurova N.
Article: Download
The assessment of the antioxidative status of plants of different ecological groups growing on the Curonian spit
Author: Choupakhina G. N., Maslennikov P. V., Skrypnik L. N., Frolov E. M.
Article: Download
The corrosion of mild steel protected with modified paint coatings under the influence of Phialophora fastigiata
Author: Arabey T. I., Beloglazov S. M.
Article: Download
The biology and life cycle of mysids in the Kaliningrad maritime canal
Author: Kostromin Ye. A.
Article: Download
The spectral characteristics of shadow response in mature adults of Lymnaea stagnalis
Author: Sudoplatov K. A., Sychyov A. V.
Article: Download
The seasonal dynamics of gramnegative bacteria in the microflora of soils, water and the body of European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) in the Vistula lagoon
Author: Nikitina S. M., Kazimirchenko O. V.
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Botany and pedology
The impact of spruce plantations on burozem in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Antsiferova O. A.
Article: Download
The new locations of rare vascular plant species in the conservation areas of the “Vepsian forest” nature park and their immediate vicinity (the Tikhvin district of the Leningrad region)
Author: Doronina A. Ju., Tarbaeva V. M.
Article: Download
The lichens of state protected country estate parks in the Pskov region
Author: Istomina N. B., Likhacheyova O. V.
Article: Download
The traces of Holocene events in the spore and pollen spectra of peat deposits in the southern part of the Kaliningrad Region
Author: Napreyenko M. G., Dorokhova T. V.
Article: Download
The epiphytic lichens growing on roadside deciduous trees in the north-west of the Kaliningrad region
Author: Petrenko D. E., Feschenko Yu. V.
Article: Download
The botanic garden of the Immanuel Kant State University of Russia as a centre of environmental education in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Khudenko E.Yu., Dedkov V. P., Petrova N. G., Yakovleva T.A
Article: Download
Landscape science and landscape design
The introduction of the open source GIS tools into the procedure of environmental planning
Author: Drotikov M. A., Dedkov V. P., Napreyenko M. G.
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The «Lithuania-Poland-Russia» neighbourhood programme in the framework of the formation of the cross-border tourism region in the South-eastern Baltic and the promotion of the sustainable development of the territory
Author: Korneevets V., Kropinova Ye.
Article: Download
Landscape dynamics in the Kaliningrad region over a historical period
Author: Lazareva N. N., Chernova G. M.
Article: Download
On the role of landscape and geographical factors in the optimisation of regional nature management
Author: Shikhotarova T. V.
Article: Download