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2010 Issue №10

Author: S. V. Matsievsky
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Theoretical Computer Science
Formal Languages and Automata VI:-algebraic systems and transducers
Author: Aleshnikov S. I., Boltnev Yu. F., Ésik Z., Ishanov S. A., Kuich W.
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Mathematical Modeling
Dynamical anthropogenic perturbations of ionosphere-magnetospheric plasma
Author: Ishanov S. A.
Article: Download
Numerical modelling of mechanical factors of cranial-cerebral injury using grid-characteristic method
Author: Vasyukov A. V., Petrov I. B.
Article: Download
A simulation of processes in reactive powder compacting mixture such as Zr–B
Author: Leitsin V. N., Tovpinets A. N., Zhukov E. V., Dmitrieva M. A.
Article: Download
Processes of transfer of moisture in porous medium
Author: Kashchenko N. M.
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Computing Methods
The multivalue method for solving differential equations with fractional derivatives
Author: Blagovidov V. V., Lobanov A. I.
Article: Download
On the optimal passing of distinguished points for parallelized Pollard’s rho-method
Author: Perevoshchikov V. V.
Article: Download
Realtime adaptive binarization of low contrast image
Author: Churikov A. Yu.
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Artificial Intelligence
Research of an self-organising effect in decision support computer systems on example of multi-agent systems
Author: Kirikov I. A., Kolesnikov A. V., Listopad S. V.
Article: Download
Development of mobile robot control system
Author: Koryagin E. V.
Article: Download
Multiparametrical optimization of multimodal functions
Author: Chernikh S. V.
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Applied Algebra
Algebraic-geometric code is associated with a curve of genus 3 over finite field with discriminant 19
Author: Alekseenko E. S.
Article: Download
Overview of effective point counting algorithms for Jacobian of hyperelliptic curve over finite field
Author: Ilyashenko L. D.
Article: Download
An analysis of NTRU-cryptosystem and its security
Author: Kirshanova E. A.
Article: Download
The current operators of spin-polarized electrons in quantum dots
Author: Ivanov A. I., Lebedkina A. A.
Article: Download
Influence of conditions of storage of initial components on quality of metal-plastic profiles
Author: Nesmachnaja A. V., Nikulin N. M., Ovsyanikov A. K., Kharukov V. G., Yasinskaya E. V.
Article: Download
Non-stationary polar wind in presence of magnetosphere convection
Author: Zinin L. V., Cibuľnikova A. V., Nikulin N. M.
Article: Download
Simulator of electro-dynamic characteristics thrust module
Author: ЛесLesnevskiy V. A., Rumyantsev A. V., Sokolov V. V.
Article: Download
Computer modeling of magnetic systems of stationary plasma thrusters
Author: Gnizdor R. Yu., Kozubsky K. N., Mitrofanova O.A.
Article: Download
A simulation nonstationary processes shock synthesis
Author: Dmitrieva M. A., Eremkina E. B., Leitsin V. N.
Article: Download
Research of polarising structure ionospheric signals Investigation of polarization structure of ionospheric signal
Author: Liberman I. V., Rzhanov A. A., Sharov S. B.
Article: Download
Other papers
Normal generalized affine connection associated with the Grassman-like manifold of centred planes
Author: Belova O. O.
Article: Download
On almost periodicity of conversion of the Bochner
Author: Kretov M. V., Vinogradova N. V., Vorotnikova O. V.
Article: Download
Application of a final automatic device to SCADA problem
Author: Volvach A. Yu., Tolstel О. V.
Article: Download
Mathematical model of under control system describing by homogeneous Markov process
Author: Vorotnikova O. V.
Article: Download
Modeling of regional logistic system
Author: Tsiunchik V. V., Savkin D. A.
Article: Download
Application of imitating modeling administrative activity in municipal formations
Author: Karataeva P. M.
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New books
Попов Ю. И. Стереометрия. Методы и приемы решения задач: учебное пособие. Изд. 2-е, испр. и перераб. Калининград: Изд-во РГУ им. И. Канта, 2010. 221 с.
Author: Мациевский С. В.
Article: Download
Мациевский С. В. Высшая математика для гуманитариев: учебное пособие. Калининград: Изд-во РГУ им. И. Канта, 2010. 299 с.
Author: А. А. Юрова
Article: Download
Мациевский С. В. Энциклопедия методов решения задач ЕГЭ по информатике и ИКТ. Калининград: Изд-во РГУ им. И. Канта, 2010. 150 с.
Author: Лещинер В. Р.
Article: Download