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The purpose of science is to transform all that exists into thought
Alexander Herzen

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2010 Issue №09

The historical and theoretical problems of the development of state and law
Pardon committees as central institutions of the civil society
Author: Minenok M. G.
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The problems of legal socialisation in the conditions of the anomie of the Russian society
Author: Zayachkovsky O. A.
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The experience of the application of regional approach to the governance of the Caucasian region of the Russian Empire in the beginning of the 19th century
Author: Krasnyakov N. I.
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The improvement of the legal regulation of social relations
On the nature of the notion of "Charter statute"
Author: Lonskaya S. V., Gerasimova Ye. V.
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Trial by jury as a guarantee of the human right to a fair trial
Author: Landau I. L.
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Exclusive rights in the Russian civil circulation
Author: Belaya O. V.
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Problems pertaining to civil transactions with common-use land plots
Author: Bandurov D. N., Motuzko D. A.
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The specific features of the institution of the order of court in the civil procedure
Author: Yaroshenko T. V.
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The role of the social institution of law in the protection of the health of the younger generation
Author: Alimpiyeva A. V.
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Science at the service of the region
The legal issues of the exclusion from the register of the residents of the special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Nilov K. N.
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The current problems of investigative and court practice
The legal regulation of inflicting damage on a criminal during detainment in the criminal codes of foreign states
Author: Milyukov S. F., Nikulenko A. V.
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An employee as a perpetrator of crimes related to the abuse of office
Author: Chirkov A. P.
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The improvement of the efficiency of residential burglary: The application of the modelling method
Author: Volchetskaya T. S., Zyuzina M. V.
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Some problems regarding the actor of penal legal relations
Author: Popov I. A.
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The current problems of research on the competitiveness of the enterprises of the Kaliningrad region
The international cooperation ability of management in the strategic potential of an organisation
Author: Chuikin A. M.
Article: Download
Some aspects of the theory of network structures as a mechanism of innovative activity management
Author: Mezhevich N. M., Zhabrev A. A.
Article: Download
The institutional aspects of the discrete investment choice at a regional level (through the example of the SEZ in the Kaliningrad region)
Author: Gareev T. R., Neskoromny D. V.
Article: Download
The organisational model of assessing the influence of vocational education on the competitiveness of small enterprises in the region
Author: Kashparov D. V.
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Young scientist's forum
On distinguishing the measures of constitutional responsibility and other measures of constitutional enforcement imposed upon the executive authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and their officials
Author: Usenko Yu. N.
Article: Download
Some problems of the contract regulation of authority delegation
Author: Maskaeva I. I.
Article: Download
The will of the deceased is the law: The key stages of the development of one of the basic principles of the law of succession in Russia
Author: Politova I. P.
Article: Download
The criminal procedure aspects of the absolution from the suspicion of committing a crime
Author: Petrov I. V.
Article: Download
Political extremism in Russia: The criminalistic aspects (through the example of the North Caucasian region)
Author: Yeryomin D. N.
Article: Download
Ways of an estimation of realisation of priority national projects in the Kaliningrad region and a way of perfection of the legislation on their financing
Author: Mikhalkin A. N.
Article: Download
The anniversary of Sergey F. Milyukov
Author: Minenok M. G.
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