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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2010 Issue №08

On the language category of modality
Author's modality as a text forming category (posing the problem)
Author: Vaulina S. S., Devina O. V.
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The modal organisation of a scientific text: dialogic markers in Russian orthographical treatises of the 16th century
Author: Fyodorova I. R.
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Subjective modality in the newspaper texts of the 18th century
Author: Kuksa I. Yu.
Article: Download
The functioning of nuclear explicators of the modal meaning of necessity in the novel "Resurrection" by Leo Tolstoy and its translation in Polish
Author: Alimpiyeva R. V., Tolstaya O. A.
Article: Download
The functioning of utterances conveying the modal meaning of possibility in the texts of television commercials
Author: Tutukova Ye. M.
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Language — world — concept
The principles of the concept analysis of the "male" and "female" in Russian linguistic mentality
Author: Strеkalova U. S.
Article: Download
The metaphorisation of the concept of conscience in the Polish linguistic world-image
Author: Zubritskaya Ye. V.
Article: Download
Linguistic interpretation of the virtual space phenomenon
Author: Rusakova Ye. B.
Article: Download
Ancient family names in modern European areas: Posing the problem
Author: Gurskaya Yu. A.
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The word in poetic text
The conceptual profiles of the oeuvre of M. Bulgakov, V. Nabokov, A. Platonov and M. Sholokhov (according to the data of the comparative analysis of frequent vocabulary)
Author: Mukhin M. Yu.
Article: Download
Syntactical means conveying the conceptual meaning of the poem Boring and sad by M. Yu. Lermontov: Article 1
Author: Lukyanenko I. N.
Article: Download
Author's word usage as a means to create a literary image in the Tales in two parts by A. I. Solzhenitsyn
Author: Savina L. M.
Article: Download
Substandard as the basis of author's idiolect in the Russian prose of the 21st century
Author: Kudinova T. A.
Article: Download
Glottodidactics today: Methods and means
The creative aspect in the system of creative linguistics
Author: Bukhalina L. V.
Article: Download
The glottodidactic drama: Playing the life
Author: Zheleznyak Ye. A.
Article: Download
Metaphor in teaching Polish as a foreign language
Author: Makarova P. F.
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Literary classics: Aspects of research
The Instruciton of Vladimir Monomakh as a confession and self-report: On the problem of interpretation
Author: Dorofeeva L. G.
Article: Download
The theme of the female in the novels of Charles Brockden Brown
Author: Iskanderova N. V.
Article: Download
The image of the Ocean in the composition of M. V. Lomonosov's ode Morning Meditation on the Greatness of God
Author: Pavlyak O. N.
Article: Download
The female images in Hoffmann's The Serapion Brethren novella cycle
Author: Krysanova M. V.
Article: Download
A. P. Chekhov and S. Daneshvar: On the problem of influence
Author: Yahyapour M., Karimi-Motahhar J., Esmaeili S.
Article: Download
Thanatological endings in the short stories of F. Sologub
Author: Krasilnikov R. L.
Article: Download
In the corridor of moving spaces: On the poetic topology of M. Tsvetaeva's cycle Table
Author: Krysanova A. V.
Article: Download
The axiology of time in the poem The spanless by B. L. Pasternak
Author: Konnova M. N.
Article: Download
Literary alternatives
The polyfunctionality of irony
Author: Potyomina M. S.
Article: Download
The space "in the text"/"between texts"/"as a text" of Russian avant-gardism
Author: Tsvigun T. V.
Article: Download
J. Andrzejewski's diary From One Day to Another: The poetics of an "unfinished work"
Author: Maltsev L. A.
Article: Download
The motif of money in modern Russian literature
Author: Likhina N. Ye.
Article: Download
"Aortic dissection": Katayev's trace in V.Vysotsky's poetry
Author: Sviridov S. V.
Article: Download