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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2010 Issue №06

Eurasianism in the history of Russian thought and Father Georgy Florovsky
Author: Nizhnikov S. A.
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The principles of classical positivism and the historical works of Pavel Milyukov in exile
Author: Povilaitis V. J.
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The anarchist philosophy of Alexei Borovoy (on the history of Russian Bergsonianism)
Author: Ryabov P. V.
Article: Download
Anthropological ideas of Immanuel Kant and the problem of interreligious conflicts in the modern society
Author: Lugovoy S. V.
Article: Download
The democratic aspects of the notions of "general will" in the social philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Immanuel Kant, and Sergey Gessen
Author: Zagirnyak M.Yu.
Article: Download
The philosophical aspects of graphical diagnostics
Author: Sevostyanov D. A.
Article: Download
The phenomenon of globalization and the problem of cultural diversity of society
Author: Andreichuk N. V.
Article: Download
The problem of education in the conditions of anthropological crisis
Author: Mazur Yu.Yu.
Article: Download
The existential strategies of the power over things: labour, acquisitiveness, adventure
Author: Solovyova S. V.
Article: Download
The phenomenon of cult interaction
Author: Tendit K.
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Political and social sciences
Political interests in the context of political diversity in the Russian Federation
Author: Starostenko K. V.
Article: Download
Key features of organisational leadership in governmental executive bodies
Author: Makarov S. N.
Article: Download
The open method of coordination as a new form of governance: features, characteristics, prospects of application
Author: Lomakina I. S.
Article: Download
The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: Optimistic future!
Author: Baranov A.Yu.
Article: Download
The problem of empirical data validity in qualitative research
Author: Logunova L.Yu.
Article: Download
The role of management sociology in the system of mass communication
Author: Buzin V. N.
Article: Download
The content and vectors of the reforms in the higher education system of modern China
Author: Maiorova N. V.
Article: Download
Library collections and publishing according to Pliny the Younger
Author: Yelagina A. A.
Article: Download
Russian workers in Eastern Prussia in the end of the 19th-beginning of the 20th century
Author: Kostyashov Yu. V.
Article: Download
The ideal of state and social culture according to Rus¬sian conservatives of the first quarter of the 19th century
Author: Minakov A.Yu.
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«Political banditism» at the north-western border of the Soviet state in the 1920s
Author: Matveev S.Ye.
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The problems of the development of political democracy in Russia in the period of diarchy (February — October 1917)
Author: Lokyanchikova L. V.
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S. V. Kortunov «The contemporary foreign policy of Russia: The strategy of selective involvement»
Author: Pakhomov N.
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