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There are no complicated sciences, there are only complicated interpretations
Alexader Herzen

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2010 Issue №05

Theoretical aspects of education
External studies: Status and prospects
Author: Samsonova N., Morozova V.
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Curriculum development on the basis of interdisciplinary logical link models
Author: Smirnov A., Nosik A.
Article: Download
The problem of conflict in the works of Pyotr Kapterev
Author: Vrachinskaya T.
Article: Download
Methodological bases for the analysis of the strategic potential of learning organisations
Author: Chuikin A.
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Educational psychology
The peculiarities of psychological support to breast cancer survivors in small towns
Author: Simaeva I., Yetsina I.
Article: Download
On the role of education in health protection and the development of health behaviour by children and youth
Author: Alimpieva A.
Article: Download
The professional activity of sailors: Psychological aspects
Author: Strelkova O.
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Professional training
The methodological competence of a university teacher
Author: Solovova N.
Article: Download
Traditional instructional media in British higher education: the analysis of effects of application
Author: Andreeva N.
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Vocational aptitude for transport engineering and management
Author: Minkova E., Tserekh O.
Article: Download
The Weltanschauung of a prospective sociologist
Author: Pupkov S.
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The implementation of creative developmental function of mathematics at a higher education institution
Author: Alekseeva Ye.
Article: Download
The scope of ethical-pedagogical activity of a teacher
Author: Bezdukhov A.
Article: Download
Professional function «The intercultural intermediary»: the status and the activity maintenance
Author: Budarina A., Samsonova M.
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The competence approach to the preparation of a prospective chemistry teacher for the provision of ecological education at school
Author: Dolgan Ye., Chibisova N.
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Sports technologies and training
The development of positive self-relation by means of eurhythmics
Author: Malkina-Pykh I.
Article: Download
The integration of the motion and cognitive activities of preschool children
Author: Pravdov M., Antonov A.
Article: Download
The preparation of a prospective physical education specialist for the work with HIV positive people
Author: Pelmenev V., Nikitin N.
Article: Download
Research of young scientists
The pedagogical prognosis of success on the basis of teenagers' personal characteristics analysis
Author: Lyoushkina N.
Article: Download
Strategy selection for educational institution development in modern conditions
Author: Korotkevich M.
Article: Download
Dynamics of motivation for learning in primary schools
Author: Gani S.
Article: Download
Preparation for parenthood in Russian and Belarusian traditional upbringing
Author: Korolyov M.
Article: Download
The structural–dynamic model of tolerance-based solutions of pedagogical problems
Author: Lopushnyan G.
Article: Download
Individual work at higher education institutions: Theoretical representation
Author: Mamporiya S.
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The first scientific congress «Problems of physical education: Content, trends, methodology, organisation»
Author: Горелов А. А., Пельменёв В. К., Сокорев В. В.
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