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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2010 Issue №03

Regional Economy
On Essence and Correlation of "Region" and "International", "Transnational", and "Transboundary" Region Concepts
Author: Fedorov G., Korneevets V.
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On Economic Asymmetry in Russia
Author: Sergeev L., Yudanova A. .
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Methodological Approaches to Regional Studies: Formation of Strategic Objectives
Author: Shekhovtseva L.
Article: Download
On Sources and Mechanisms of Coastal Area Self-development
Author: Kolosovsky A.
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Systematisation of Objectives and Efficiency Indicators of Regional Executive Authority
Author: Klochko S.
Article: Download
Local Self-Government: Problems of Territorial Administration and Hierarchisation
Author: Sharygin M.
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Economic and Demographic Forecast and Prospects of Human Resource Endowment of the Kaliningrad Region’s Economy
Author: Fedorov D.
Article: Download
Modelling in Food Safety Control
Author: Nikiforova I. .
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Regional Entrepreneurship
Economic and Legal Analysis of Financial Support to Tour Operators (through the Example of the Kaliningrad Region)
Author: Gareev T., Koss A.
Article: Download
Development of Regional Innovation Infrastructure: Objectives of Financial, Organisational, and Consultative Support
Author: Savanovich A.
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Peculiarities of Transboundary Cooperation between the Kaliningrad Region’s Business Entities
Author: Borodavkina N.
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Instrumental and Informational Methods in Economics
Unknown Chapter in History of Russian Research
Author: Ivchenko V.
Article: Download
Assessment of Alternatives of Organisation’s Strategic Potential Development by Method of Analytic Hierarchy Process (HPA)
Author: Chuikin A.
Article: Download
Correlation Regression Analysis of Investment Activity Influence on Increase in Gross Regional Product in the Kaliningrad Region
Author: Korotchenko A.
Article: Download
Development of Information Support to Agricultural Producers in the Kaliningrad Region
Author: Lukyanova N.
Article: Download
Innovations and Investment
Assessment of Innovation and Investment Activity in the Region
Author: Pisarenko M.
Article: Download
Theoretical Framework of Managing Logistical Support to Local Divisions of Law Enforcement Agencies
Author: Sergeev L., Logvinenko M.
Article: Download
Peat as Local Energy Source: Methodological Aspects
Author: Sinitsina D.
Article: Download
Influence of Issuer’s Corporate Actions on Stock Pricing
Author: Klamm V., Latnak D.
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Development of Legal Regulation of Social Relations
Taxation of Special Economic Zone Residents in Russia: Legal Issues
Author: Nilov K.
Article: Download
Some Aspects of Development of Law on Competition Protection in terms of Exploitation of Property in State and Municipal Ownership
Author: Bandurov D., Motuzko D.
Article: Download
Property Right and Expropriation in Proceedings of the European Court of Human Rights
Author: Yezhova T.
Article: Download