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There is only one science. Two sciences are impossible as two universes are
Alexander Herzen

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2012 Issue №02

Cognitive and discoursive aspects of linguistic research
The imperative as an expressive means of impact in Russian and English advertisements
Author: Bolotina M. A., Volkova I. S.
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The qualia structure and its role for linguistics research
Author: Boyarskaya E. L.
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The use of the passive construction and its synonymous speech forms in advertising discourse (based on the German language)
Author: Gegner N. E.
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Synergy character of the category "author" as an object of linguistic interpretation
Author: Goncharova E. A.
Article: Download
The textual concept "the society of consumption" in the novel "99 francs" by Frederic Beigbeder
Author: Ieronova I. Y., Trofimova O. A.
Article: Download
Metaphoric nominations of MAN and WOMAN in the English substandard
Author: Kalugina E. N.
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Axiological prototype of the conceptual metaphor 'lifetime is a journey'
Author: Konnova M. N.
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Intonational means of expressing the "new" and the "given" categories in English, Russian and Spanish
Author: Makarova E. N.
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Peculiarities of the figurative in the concept of "Time" in middle English
Author: Nilsen E. A.
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Images of English giants: at the intersection of mythological traditions
Author: Plakhova O. A.
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Ideology of English monolingualism as the basis of the US language policy
Author: Skachkova I. I.
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Mineralogical colour-denotings as the means of the author’s perception in the world poetic picture of M. Voloshin
Author: Taran S. V.
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The usage and meanings of the intonation scales used in emphatic speech in modern British English (as compared with Russian)
Author: Funtova I. L.
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Linguistic personality as a subject of political discourse
Author: Tsutsieva M. G.
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Theory and practice of the professional training of linguists at the university
Understanding scientific texts on the basis of modelling semantic links: theoretical foundations of the conception
Author: Vishnyakova S. A.
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The floor is given to young scientists
Impliced meanings of the modality of obligation in the novel "Master and Margarita" by M. A. Bulgakov
Author: Abashova O. Y.
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Core explicators of the modal meaning expressing certainty/uncertainty in the poem "Dead Souls" by N. Gogol and their equivalents in translation versions
Author: Kokovina L. V.
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The competence building approach to the regionalization of the Bachelor of Linguistics training programme
Author: Nasyrova A. A.
Article: Download
The derivative forms of personal names in Swedish antroponymics
Author: Prirodina U. P.
Article: Download
Communicative semantics theories by A. F. Losev and Z. A. Vardzelashvili
Author: Chernyak E. P.
Article: Download
Language: at the crossroads of scientific paradigms
Critical survey of some cognitive semantic theories in the dynamic semantic context by A. F. Losev
Author: Ieronova I. Y., Prozorova M. I.
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Scientific life
Международная конференция по вопросам перевода: Вильнюс, 2011
Author: Бойко Л. Б.
Article: Download
Потёмина Т. А. Немецкий язык для аспирантов. Адаптивный курс : практическое пособие. — Калининград : Изд-во РГУ им. И. Кан- та, 2011.—134 с.
Author: Андреева Н. В.
Article: Download
Бондарева Л. М. Речевая деятельность общества : учебное посо- бие. — Калининград : Изд-во БФУ им. И. Канта, 2011. — 89 с.
Author: Петешова О. В.
Article: Download