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There is only one science. Two sciences are impossible as two universes are
Alexander Herzen

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2011 Issue №08

Author: Редколлегия
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On the language category of modality
The features of the expression of the modal meaning of necessity in Russian and Lithuanian newspapers
Author: Vaulina S. S., Lashkova I.S.
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The functional features of the “lexical modifier + dependent infinitive” modal structures in the first Russian newspapers
Author: Kuksa I.Yu. .
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The features of implementation of the modal meaning of obligation in S. Yesenin’s axiological world view
Author: Alimpiyeva R.V., Babulevich S.N.
Article: Download
Subjective and modal evaluation in the newspaper and media discourse
Author: Tkachenko A.I.
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Modality in the system of text categories of Old Russian written records: on the formulation of the problem
Author: Baretskaya A.Ye.
Article: Download
The rhetorical question as an explicator of modal meanings in the text of the novel The brothers Karamazov by F.M. Dostoyevsky
Author: Tikun Ye.S.
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Language: the history and the present
The time and language of a “different reality” in prophetic texts
Author: Berestnev G.I.
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Evaluative lexis expressing the “good/kind” semantics as a means to represent the concept of “god” in the Old Russian texts of the 11th-14th centuries
Author: Pisar N.V.
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Periphrastic expressions in the epistles of the 14th-16th centuries
Author: Subbot A.G.
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The functional features of verbs with antonymic prefixes in the panegyrical works of F. Prokopovich
Author: Meshkova T.A.
Article: Download
The problem of research on the material culture vocabulary in the dialects of the Volgograd region
Author: Maleyeva Ye.S.
Article: Download
The anagrammatic game in proverbs and sayings: Russian and English analogues
Author: Kovalishin P.Yu.
Article: Download
The features of talkativity implementation in the political online discourse (a case study of personal websites of members of the British parliament)
Author: Morozova O.N.
Article: Download
The functional and pragmatic features of speech acts with the meaning of consent
Author: Shkapenko T.M.
Article: Download
The word in a poetic text
The typology of poetical neologisms of the late 20th/early 21st centuries
Author: Babenko N.G.
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The role of proper names in the chronotope modelling in Yu. Buida’s short story Of the name of Lev
Author: Murzich N.E.
Article: Download
The intertextual connections between Yu. Buida’s novel Boris and Gleb and The tale of the murder of Daniil of Suzdal and the beginning of Moscow
Author: Tolmacheva Ye.V.
Article: Download
The features of proper name semantic structure in N. Kononov short story Mikesha
Author: Skryabina A.V.
Article: Download
The problem of correlation of space and texts in A. Eppel’s short story On a dark warm night
Author: Zhuravlyova N.S.
Article: Download
The image of river in A. Ivanov’s novel The gold of revolt: the linguistic aspect
Author: Karnaukhova O.A.
Article: Download
Literary classics: a forum for dialogue
F.M. Klinger’s Faust: the dialogue of cultures
Author: Kiryanova S.V.
Article: Download
The nature of the mystical in the works of Novalis and MacDonald
Author: Karelova L.A.
Article: Download
The dramaturgy of F.M. Dostoyevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment as interpreted by Józef Tischner
Author: Bocheńska A.
Article: Download
The motif of repentance and the features of the plot in Vladimir Monomakh’s “autobiography”
Author: Dorofeyeva L.G.
Article: Download
The concept of ideal space in V.A. Zhukovky’s lyric poetry
Author: Pavlyak O.N.
Article: Download
The image of time in B.L. Pasternak’s poem Unique days
Author: Konnova M.N.
Article: Download
The interpenetration of literature and religious discourses in the post-war period (a case study of the Austrian Wort und Wahreit magazine
Author: Bakshi N.A.
Article: Download
Litarature alternatives
The bestiary motif in Russian literature
Author: Likhina N.Ye.
Article: Download
The “art of error” in Russian avant-gardism
Author: Tsvigun T.V.
Article: Download
The “rustle of language”: the poetics of decoded audio elements in the lyrical poetry of M. Tsvetaeva and J. Brodsky
Author: Krysanova A.V., Shevchenko S.A.
Article: Download
A “fascinating fake”: on the origin of a street song
Author: Sviridov S.V.
Article: Download
The “ideology of love” in Jurek Becker’s novel Heartless Amanda
Author: Potyomina M.S.
Article: Download
The features of organisation of free indirect speech in contemporary Russian fiction
Author: Arzyamova O.V.
Article: Download