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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2011 Issue №06

Philosophy and culturаl studies
On the methodological meaning of notion of isomorphic enclosure of formalisms
Author: Olkhovikov G. K.
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The typology of procedures of operations with concepts
Author: Sirotkina L. S.
Article: Download
The methodology of history of logic: the synthetic approach
Author: Pushkarsky A. G.
Article: Download
The problem of rationality of history in Russian philoso¬phy abroad in the 1920s-1950s
Author: Povilaits V. J.
Article: Download
University education and critical thinking
Author: Andreichuk N. V.
Article: Download
The development of philosophical education and the problem of rationality
Author: Gorkov I. A.
Article: Download
The socio-philosophical analysis of economic consciousness
Author: Ovrutsky A. V.
Article: Download
Baroque music: the aesthetic and social ideals
Author: Kuznetsova I. S.
Article: Download
The Kaliningrad text in the semiotic space of culture
Author: Gavrilina L. M.
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Political and social sciences
Forecasting knowledge as a tool for cognizing political reality
Author: Ilnicky M.
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Image and discourse. On the discursive nature of political image formation
Author: Berendeyev M. V.
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On terminology to be used in studying the phenomenon of lobbying
Author: Konyshev V. N., Sergunin A. A.
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Social practices and mechanisms of socialization of uncertainty
Author: Fidrya Ye. S.
Article: Download
Social management of a modern work collective: the results of a sociological study at the “Yantar” shipyard
Author: Krivosheyev V. V., Chudinov A. A.
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History of Russia
The “questioning” of entering foreigners by the Рosolski Рrikaz in the 1610—1620s
Author: Skobelkin O. V.
Article: Download
The manifestation of oppositional ideas of the second half of the 18th century in the Panin — Fonvizin law project
Author: Lapteva Yu. V.
Article: Download
Rightists against Stolypin: traditionalists on Stolypin’s judicial and law enforcement reform
Author: Kazanina L. Yu.
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International history
Tolstoyan colonies in England in the late 1890s
Author: Vorobyov I. A.
Article: Download
The new 1948—1949 US policy towards Yugoslavia: origins and results
Author: Kostin A. A.
Article: Download
The US Congress discussions on the deployment of American antimissile defence system in 1969
Author: Kashirina T. V.
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Regional history
The activities of Kaliningrad public education authorities aimed at organising military and pre-conscription training of schoolchildren in 1945—1962
Author: Kosenkov O. N., Kretinin G. V.
Article: Download
Andreichuk N. V., Gavrilina L. M. The phenomenon of the Kaliningrad regional subculture (socio-philosophical and cultural studies analysis)
Author: Polyansky D. V.
Article: Download
Kanevskaya G. I. «We still dream of Russia…» The history of Russian diaspora in Australia (the end of the 19th century — the late 1980s)
Author: Sergeev V. V.
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