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Science is power, it reveals the relation between things, their laws and interactions
Alexander Herzen

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2011 Issue №02

Cognitive and discoursive aspects of linguistic research
Colour symbolism in the Russian and English languages
Author: Bolotina M. A., Shabasheva E. A. .
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Hierarchic representation of the category of “memory” units in German autobiographical texts
Author: Bondareva L. M., Molchanova A. S.
Article: Download
Categorization as a basic cognitive procedure
Author: Boyarskaya E. L.
Article: Download
Cognitive scheme or concept: towards the determination of dynamic model of knowledge
Author: Kurganova N. I.
Article: Download
Actualization of linguo-cultural concepts, verbalized by imported prefixes and prefixoids
Author: Kushnir O. N.
Article: Download
Acute syndrome of reunification: “Nox” by Thomas Hettche
Author: Potemina M. S.
Article: Download
Characteristics of communicative-textual functions of complex proper-tense German sentences
Author: Skrebova E. G.
Article: Download
Concept integration modelling as a means of phraseological unit formation
Author: Soskina S. N., Petkelite K. R.
Article: Download
Concept “colour” (white): based on Russian and German proverbs
Author: Shesterkina N. V.
Article: Download
Theory and practice of the professional training of linguists at the university
Socio-cultural implications of professional universality of linguists
Author: Budarina A. O.
Article: Download
Linguistic-cultural competence as the indicator of quality of development of the teacher in the higher school
Author: Glotova Z. V.
Article: Download
The significance of cross-cultural awareness among young people in their international daily life
Author: Sundh S.
Article: Download
The floor is given to young scientists
Literary text as a pedagogical tool of developing a future economist’s business culture while learning a foreign language
Author: Dudnik A. O.
Article: Download
The regional blogosphere integration technology in the content of foreign language teaching education at a linguistic university
Author: Nasyrova A. A.
Article: Download
The problem of gaps, non-equivalent words and national concepts, existing in the Public Relations terminology
Author: Nechaeva E. A.
Article: Download
The representation of the concept “family” in English conceptual sphere: a case of children poems
Author: Pavlova T. A.
Article: Download
Family of words as the unity of the formal and the semantic: semantic exercises
Author: Suslaeva S. S.
Article: Download
The model of space in F. Kafka’s literary works
Author: Tkachenko V. I.
Article: Download
Language interaction in trilingualism
Author: Tolmacheva I. A.
Article: Download
Dialogical aspect of the examination discourse (based on the oral Russian Language exam)
Author: Fomenko E. V.
Article: Download
Types and linguistic markers of interdiscursivity in film review texts
Author: Fomina V. A.
Article: Download
Language: at the crossroads of scientific paradigms
Generative linguistics by N. Chomsky in the world language study
Author: Bondarenko I. V.
Article: Download
Language as a system of world outlook in A. Losev’s conception
Author: Ieronova I. Y., Prozorova M. I.
Article: Download
Scientific life
Author: Потёмина М. С., Черненок И. Г.
Article: Download
Немецкий язык: политическая парадигма: практикум
Author: Абашов Ю. М.
Article: Download
Бондаренко И. В. Теоретическая грамматика английского языка: методические рекомендации к семинарским занятиям для студентов III курса факультета лингвистики и межкультурной коммуникации.
Author: Громова И. А.
Article: Download