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Francis Bacon

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2011 Issue №03

Экономика XXI века: вызовы времени
Author: Chuikin A. M.
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Theoretical problems of economics
The institutional concept of territory marketing management
Author: Yuldashеva O. U., Mescheryakov T. V. .
Article: Download
The methodological framework for the study of strategic potential of organisations
Author: Chuikin A. M.
Article: Download
The system of transfer pricing: approaches, models, and application in the public sector of economy
Author: Pashkus V. Yu.
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The opposition of naturalistic and action-oriented approach to the analysis of institutional transformations in Russian economy
Author: Soldatova S. E.
Article: Download
The assessment of labour demand of Russian economy in view of the prospective regional socio-economic development
Author: Parfentseva O. A., Ivanova N. P.
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Organisational and economic aspects of human capital management
The factors of human capital reproduction financing
Author: Mnatsakanyan A. G., Vasilyev I. V.
Article: Download
The trajectories of university education modernisation with the use of contemporary forms of international university cooperation
Author: Gerasimenko V. V., Ylyanova M. G.
Article: Download
The academic policy of the leading Russian universities as an indicator of multi-level degree system implementation
Author: Shenderova S. V.
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The strategic aspects of regional and small business development in the enhancement of vocational training
Author: Kashparov D. V.
Article: Download
Regional business economics
The methodological aspects of development of object-functional approach to the regional development management
Author: Shabalina Ye. I.
Article: Download
The functional approach to managing regional foreign economic activity
Author: Borodavkina N. Yu.
Article: Download
On the methodological approaches to the assessment of competitiveness of small enterprises
Author: Khadzhayev R. Sh., Ivanchenko V. R.
Article: Download
The features of the functioning of small enterprises in the conditions of regional exclavity
Author: Duplenko N. G.
Article: Download
The applied research aspects of the regional forecasting of socioeconomic development
Author: Zakharova A. V.
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The impact of corporate culture on the increase in the level of strategic relationships with corporate clients (partners)
Author: Lisogor M. N.
Article: Download
The applied aspects of regional economy
The formation and development of regional system of commissioning non-profit organisations for social services
Author: Serbulov A. V., Perko M. V.
Article: Download
The programme approach to the improvement of the physical culture and sports system in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Pelmenyov V. K.
Article: Download
The economic aspect of the quality of industrial agriculture information support: Russian experience
Author: Lukyanova N. Yu.
Article: Download
The mathematic modelling of the product manufacturing under heterogeneous constraints
Author: Korsakova L. G.
Article: Download
The organisational economic aspects of developing the GLONASS system implementation programme in the exclave region of Russia
Author: Boronilov A. B.
Article: Download
The development of conceptual framework of zoning as a tool of reducing regional disparities
Author: Smirnova L. V.
Article: Download
The improvement of legislative regulation of social relations
The development of the legal framework of Russian economy: the formulation of the problem
Author: Baranovskaya Ye. A.
Article: Download
The practical problems of bank card usage
Author: Yerokhina M. G.
Article: Download
Consumer right as a socioeconomic and legal category
Author: Monakhov A. B.
Article: Download
Some problems of applying competition protection legislation to transactions related to the disposal of property of public and municipal unitary enterprises
Author: Bandurov D. N., Motuzko D. A.
Article: Download
The ways to assess the implementation of priority national projects in the Kaliningrad region and improve project financing legislation
Author: Mikhalkin A. N.
Article: Download
On the new branch of the economic science (on the book Economy as a synergetic system by L. P. Yevstigneyeva and R. N. Yevstigneyev)
Author: Shekovtseva L. S.
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