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My faith is the belief that happiness will be given to humanity by scientific progress
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2010 Issue №02

Cognitive and discoursive aspects of linguistic research
The problems of colloquial and dialect speech translation of short stories by Günter Grass
Author: Abashov Y. M.
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Remembering factor and its function in the shaping of the fiction picture of the world in the texts of Austrian modernism writers (using the works of A. Schnitzler)
Author: Bondareva L. M., Manannikova V. G.
Article: Download
Some aspects of the cognitive theory of polysemy
Author: Boyarskaya E. L.
Article: Download
Cognitive and linguistic aspects of forming of event-driven concepts
Author: Krouchinkina N. D.
Article: Download
Basic notes of the conception of the German-Russian dictionary of neologisms
Author: Nikitina O. A.
Article: Download
Some characteristics of the blog discourse
Author: Polyakova S. V.
Article: Download
Conceptual picture of the world and the specificity of its formation
Author: Samigulina F. G.
Article: Download
Theory and practice of the professional training of linguists at the university
Universal professional activity functions of foreign language and culture specialists
Author: Budarina A. O.
Article: Download
The designing of professionally directed teaching materials in the course of “Foreign language” as pedagogical means of increasing motivation of future psychologists
Author: Matsakova N. V.
Article: Download
The floor is given to young scientists
Metaphorisation as a pattern of term formation in Russian and English within the semantic field “Insurance”
Author: Zhebrunova L. A.
Article: Download
Subject development and pragmatic focusing in a scientific text
Author: Ladyzhnikova V. I.
Article: Download
Language presentation of concepts in Russian and English cultures (using the lexeme “green” in phraseological units as an example)
Author: Petkelite K. R.
Article: Download
The peculiarities of developing intercultural competence of nonlinguist students in the Kaliningrad region
Author: Rudenko T. O.
Article: Download
To the study of cultural component of meaning in the context of cross-cultural dialogue
Author: Khilko E. P.
Article: Download
As to the problem of the metalanguage describing substantial language and cultural units
Author: Sharafutdinova L. F.
Article: Download
Language: at the crossroads of scientific paradigms
In memory of L. M. Skrelina dedicated. G. Guillaume theory of linguistics and its impact on the scientific paradigm of language knowledge of the XXI century
Author: Ieronova I. Y.
Article: Download
Cognitive and pragmatic aspects of German social-political discourse
Author: Gordeeva E.M.
Article: Download
Axiology of the everyday in language
Author: Konnova M.N.
Article: Download
Scientific life
Author: Е. Л. Боярская
Article: Download
Обзор международной научной конференции «V Пелевинские чтения»
Author: И. А. Громова
Article: Download
Васильева И. Б. Госэкзамен — на «отлично»: учебно-методическое пособие для студентов V курса ФЛиМК по подготовке к заключительному лексико-грамматическому тесту по дисциплине «Практикум по культуре речевого общения второго иностранного языка
Author: Рунова Н. В.
Article: Download
Педагогическая практика по иностранному языку: учебно-методическое пособие / под ред. Т. Ю. Тамбовкиной. Калининград: Изд-во РГУ им. И. Канта, 2009. — 155 с.
Author: Желонкина Т. П.
Article: Download
Кравченко И. П., Мазановой С. Е. Английский язык для экономистов: учебно-методическое пособие. Калининград: Изд-во РГУ им. И. Канта, 2009. — 51 с.
Author: Ермакович С. П.
Article: Download