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The supreme embodiment of reason is science
Ivan P. Pavlov

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2010 Issue №04

Theoretical physics
Influence of the Coriolis force on the propagation of displaced long sea waves
Author: Afonas`eva A. B., Zaitsev A. A.
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The interaction of a pair a cyclone – an anticyclone near to a sea shore
Author: Zaitsev A. A., Ivanov S. N., Yudina A. V.
Article: Download
An integrable case of the Schrödinger matrix equation for multilevel quantum systems
Author: Zaitsev A. A., Kargapolov D. A.
Article: Download
Potentials of filtration flows in an angle area
Author: Volyanskaya I. K., Zaitsev A. A., Shpilevoy A.Ya.
Article: Download
Backaction of measuring tunneling current through double quantum dot on it’s dynamics
Author: Ivanov A. I., Ivanov A. A.
Article: Download
Exulton-like solution and two phase of collapse of an intrusive lens
Author: Yurova A. A.
Article: Download
An application of the Abel equation of first type to the task of solving the Friedman equations
Author: Yurov V. A.
Article: Download
The decision of the problem of definition of angular coordinates of object by the method of the maximum credibility
Author: Pakhotin V. A., Vlasova K. V.
Article: Download
Complex geometrical optics with real ray trajectories
Author: Zakharov V. E., Godovanaya E. N.
Article: Download
Efficiency of application of a multichannel system in atmospheric optical communication lines
Author: Molchanov S. V., Dashchinskiy A. V..
Article: Download
The trunced symbolic equations with sources of noise and any unifrequent oscillatory system
Author: Savchenko M. P., Starovoitova O. V.
Article: Download
Perfection of a principle of base antenna stations placing of a radio communication
Author: Ponimatkin V. E., Shpilevoy A. A., Chuyko S. V.
Article: Download
The investigation of the conditions of registration of the indirect nuclear quadrupole resonance signals
Author: Shpilevoy A. A., Persichkin A. A.
Article: Download
Magnetiс–resonance properties of Fe3O4 thin films
Author: Goihman A.Yu., Kupriyanova G. S., Prohorenko E. E., Chernenkov O. V.
Article: Download
The сross-correlation NMR spectroscopy as the method of study of the guest atom environment
Author: Kupriyanova G. S., Bagmet M. V.
Article: Download
Self-consistent calculation of ray trajectories, acquisitions and inhomogeneous structure of waves
Author: Zakharov V. E., Godovanaya E. N.
Article: Download
The detection of nuclear quadrupole resonance signals with limited data
Author: Molchanov S. V., Mozzhukhin G. V., Kupriyanova G. S.
Article: Download
Method of the estimation of parameters of signals at change of range to the purpose
Author: Pakhotin V. A., Molostova S. V.
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Applied physics
The periodic structure of flat layer of triangle prisms
Author: Taranov V. I., Guschin O. A., Krivonos I. V.
Article: Download
Research of characteristics of nanomodified dry building mixes
Author: Krivtsov E. E., Nikulin N. M., Yasinskaya E. V.
Article: Download
Temperature evolution of crystal structure of multiferroic Tb0.95Bi0.05MnO3
Author: Naberezhnov A. A., Nikulin N. M. , Seregin M. S., Smirnov O. P.
Article: Download
Study of conditions of electric breakdown in the flow part of electrical insulators of electric propulsion propellant supply systems
Author: Gopanchuk V. V., Potapenko M. Yu.
Article: Download
Laboratory practicum
Didactic characteristic of analog-digital transformations of dataflows
Author: Vryblevskaj I. V., Pets A. V.
Article: Download
Optimal parameters for consequences of tangential and two-frequency decompositions
Author: Buzdin A. A., Vasilieva E. A.
Article: Download
An mathematical simulation of ionosphere with due regard for its three-dimensional irregularity
Author: Ishanov S. A., Klevysur S. V.
Article: Download
A fractal model of filtration in the work of a drainage
Author: Kashchenko N. M.
Article: Download
On almost periodic functions with values in Banach space
Author: Kretov M. V.
Article: Download
A semicanonical normal affine connection associated with the distribution
Author: Shevchenko Yu. I.
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