Natural and medical sciences

2023 Issue №4

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Vulnerability assessment of coastal systems in the Kaliningrad region using the coast vulnerability index (CVI)



The Kaliningrad region is a unique constituent entity of the Russian Federation. In re­cent years, due to the global political and epidemiological situation, the recreational attrac­tiveness of the Kaliningrad region has significantly increased, thereby placing greater pres­sure on the coastal zone. However, there is a lack of research dedicated to assessing the vul­nerability of the coastal area. The practical significance of this study lies in the potential for further utilization of its results to evaluate and analyze the vulnerability of the coastline of the Kaliningrad region and make decisions on implementing a series of measures to protect and preserve the coastal zone. For the study, the Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI) methodology was selected, which is considered the most versatile compared to others but requires specific parameters for the studied object/territory. The research goal is to assess the vulnerability of the coastal zone on the Kaliningrad Oblast coastline. The CVI method represents a classic scoring system that allows identifying key areas and suggesting a series of measures to pre­vent the deterioration of the coastal condition.