Natural and medical sciences

2023 Issue №3

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Development of network business structures in the spatially distributed cluster St. Petersburg-Leningrad region-Kaliningrad region as a tool of interregional interaction



In the current conditions of increasing geopolitical tension and volatility in the global economy, the development of interregional interaction is increasingly seen as a source of eco­nomic growth for Russian regions. However, the study of such interaction should not only include an analysis of trade flows but also an analysis of network interaction, an attempt to carry out which is presented in this work. The article presents the results of a study analyzing the presence of Saint Petersburg companies with their own brands in the Kaliningrad region. The research covered 33 companies from Saint Petersburg. It was found that in the Kalinin­grad region, only eight Saint Petersburg companies, including federal-level organizations, have regional representations, offices, branches, own stores, or dealer centers. Excluding fed­eral-level organizations, this number is five. The financial services sector turned out to be the most represented, while the least represented were the IT industry, pharmaceuticals, food industry, and agriculture. All of this is happening against the backdrop of the expansion of the presence of Saint Petersburg businesses in the regions of the Russian Federation beyond the Northwestern Federal District.